MacKenzie-Childs {$500 Giveaway}


 MacKenzie-Childs is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and I am so excited to be hosting a giveaway from them today! One lucky winner will receive a $500 gift card from MacKenzie-Childs!!

They have so many swoon-worthy items to pick from! Everything from exquisite kitchen accessories to fun and whimsical garden items! 


I happened to fall head-over-heels in love with their black and white courtly check enamelware,


as well as all of the lovely Laguiole flatware and servingware! 

Aren’t those spreaders beyond gorgeous and elegant?! 


Just look at those sweet little bees on each and every knife. Such attention to detail. 

Wait until you see the Flower Market enamelware pitcher. 


I can’t take my hands off of it! (I’m not kidding) It has the most beautiful shape and smooth surface. And with outdoor entertaining season upon us I am just tickled to have all of this enchanting enamelware to use.

Of course it isn’t only for outside entertaining! It adorns any table with a stunning statement.


 I love to mix the check print with the floral print. So charming with a casual elegance don’t you think?

 And the serving platters are fabulous! While the round serving platter makes a perfect cheese plate, I like to use the oval one to serve the main course as it comes hot off the grill or sometimes I even use it to serve the drinks! 


MacKenzie-Childs makes entertaining a breeze! 


***We have a WINNER!!!!!***

Thanks to everyone who joined in on all the fun for this fantastic giveaway from MacKenzie-Childs!! There has been one randomly selected winner!!

*Drum roll please*

CONGRATULATIONS to Sue who said…

Love Love Love McKenzie Childs! Hello To Summer!” 

Sue, I will be contacting you via email to give you all of the MacKenzie-Childs $500 gift card  giveaway information! 


***Giveaway is now CLOSED*** 

How to Enter the $500 MacKenzie-Childs Giveaway: 

*Just leave me a comment below about your favorite summer entertaining tip or just say *hello*.

*The giveaway starts today, Monday April 29, 2013 and ends Wednesday May 1, 2013 at midnight EST

*One winner will be randomly chosen and notified via email sometime Thursday.

Good Luck!


Disclaimer:: (I would like to thank the kind folks at MacKenzie-Childs for providing me with a gift card to buy their product and for sponsoring the $500 giveaway! As always all photos, thoughts and opinions are my very own.)


  1. Sara Himes says

    We use vinyl-coated oil cloth as all weather table cloths…so many bright colors and patterns are available!

  2. Maggie Wallace says

    I love those serving platters!! My favorite summertime entertaining tip is having easy eats. Like finger foods and simple yet delicious drinks. More so main entrees as small appetizers! A little something for everyone.

  3. says

    I LOVE entertaining in the summer. From candles in my antique mason jars to a signature drink (lemonade with blueberries and basil, anyone?) and fresh flowers. But, most of all, I like to have money ready for the kids in case the ice cream truck drives by!

  4. Becca says

    We don’t have much outside space for entertaining so we make up for it by cooking lots of delicious summery foods – I love making grilled fruit, especially pineapple.

  5. Erika says

    would be nice to have new dishes and be rid of the mismatched stuff I currently make do with =)

  6. Ladywild says

    The best tip I have is to keep it fresh and light. Build a menu using the best fruits and veggies you can find. Raw is fine!

  7. Lori Roby says

    I love to keep it simple when entertaining in the summer – burgers on the grill, sitting on the porch swing, drinking iced tea :)

  8. Elizabeth Crider says

    Entertaining on our patio with friends, wine, and cheese. Lots of colorful flowers for decor. The courtly checked will go perfectly !!!

  9. Jana says

    I repaint our old metal patio chairs a bright color every May! Hope I can find fun, colorful dishes with the gift card to match the color I decide to paint the chairs.

  10. says

    My summer entertaining tip is actually one I picked up from my sister in law. Fill red sleds with ice (the cheap ones you can buy just about anywhere) and place all your salads and anything that needs to stay cool in the ice. MacKenzie-Childs has such beautiful things! Thanks, Wenderly!

  11. Trudy L. says

    I’m not the greatest entertainer, but I try to make up for it by having plenty of brownies available! :)

  12. Lisa S. says

    Instead of an ugly cooler on the back porch full of drinks, I love to fill a large ceramic crock or extra large decorative planter with ice and drinks–so much prettier!

  13. says

    My summer tip, Keep a freezer full of your favorite cocktails made in mason jars. They will be ready to go when the party is…even if it is unexpected! Lovely stuff, I adore the garden hose holder with the girl on the swing!

  14. Misty Lynn says

    Wow! Love them! My tip is to relax and enjoy the party. Homemade from scratch may be the best, but if you are feeling stressed then grab some potato salad from the deli and put it in your own (M-C!) bowl with some paprika on top and call it a day. I also slice lemons on top of bottled lemonade and put it in a pretty pitcher. Enjoy your guests and stay out of the kitchen.

  15. Alicia Lee says

    Hello! Put cloves in the open end of half a lemon. It will keep bugs away and it smells good!

  16. Lynn says

    Love to grill pizzas! Easy, fast, and everyone gets to choose the toppings they like! Fun for adults and kids!

  17. Lisa S says

    My summertime entertaining tip is to keep it simple with a great recipes that seem like you spent hours preparing and enjoy your guests!

  18. Jennifer says

    Hello! I love hosting a Sunday brunch once a month when the weather starts to warm up. We set up outside and have everyone bring their favorite brunch dish. It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon and still have the rest of the evening to get ready for work the next day.

  19. Cellabella says

    My favorite tip is to do as much preparing as you can before your guests come over. While I love delicious food, I think it’s more important so enjoy being with your friends than worrying about cooking!

  20. Madeline says

    I really love their stuff, stylish and fun! My tip for entertaining is to buy a bag of ice – you can never have enough ice, but it’s no fun if you run out!

  21. judy says

    I love Mackenzie Childs. There used to be a store that sold it here in Portland, but sadly is no longer there. I would love some of those checkered plates.

  22. Shawna says

    Love the dinnerware. My tip for entertaining is don’t stress; otherwise, you won’t enjoy the festivities.

  23. Kim W says

    I love to keep it simple so I can have fun. That, and simple is all I can manage. We are so looking forward to summer!

  24. says

    I love beautiful dinnerware. I like collecting antique pieces too. It’s a passion of mine. This MacKenzie-Childs line makes me want to do the happy dance. My tip for entertaining is to not worry about everything matching, it’s fun creating an eclectic array by mixing pieces that reflects your own personal style.

  25. says

    They have the most charming servingware! I wish I had a great summer entertaining tip, but I have yet to do much summer entertaining. BBQs and cookouts for the win!

  26. Lisa Rhude says

    My favorite summer entertaining is outdoors of course, pairing a meal with a signature cocktail for a casual and easy theme.

  27. Christopher Lee says

    My wife and I began our new china set with two parchment check dinnerware sets given to us by our family as wedding gifts last year. We would love to add two more to the collection!! :-)

  28. Diane Holcom says

    I admire all of the beautiful items in the MacKenzie-Childs line! Setting a festive table is the key to entertaining, as it “sets the stage” for the event!!

  29. Molly says

    Hello! I think the courtly check/white flower market cake carrier would be a beautiful way to serve all kinds of pastries or appetizers, not just cake!

  30. says

    My favorite entertaining tip is to “jujj-up” store bought items. For instance, buy Wholly Guacamole and add a few avocados and a bit of salsa. Put in a big bowl with fresh, warm chips and you’ve got a party!

  31. Joanne says

    Greetings and Hello!
    Just came across your website while searching recipes for Easter bread. Going to make it today. Wish me luck! Happy Easter to fellow Greeks! Good luck to all for the Giveaway.

  32. Rose says

    Keep the front porch rockers clean and porch swept, to be able to enjoy drop by guests and keep out of messy house!

  33. Phyllis says

    Grilled lemon chicken and tons of grilled veggies are a no-fail great party-thanks for the giveaway-love their products.

  34. Martha T says

    I just discovered MacKenzie-Childs this week and would love the opportunity to experience their products first hand!

  35. Alina says

    Fav tip: Spicing/herb up pre-made food from supermarket. Hummus, add some chopped up jalapeno. Just fancy stuff up and have fun!

  36. Sean says

    Beautiful items. Tip: to add pizzazz to the backyard with fresh flowers from the garden in a pretty vase and some candles in the evening.

  37. Carrol Godin says

    I would love to win this. The black and white dishes are to die for. \just pureed watermellon and put in ice cube trays for warm weather drinks.

  38. LindaB says

    Grilled Pound Cake with fresh fruit. Quick and easy and everyone loves it!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  39. Lynne says

    My favorite part about summer entertaining is that we have a beautiful park very close to our house – and, just a few blocks further, a lovely botanical garden. The botanical garden does not allow picnic baskets -EXCEPT on Wednesday nights during the summer. The garden stays open past 5 and you can bring in food, drink, chairs, blankets, whatever. At 7:00 a free jazz concert starts on the amphitheater stage – but they have speakers set up throughout the garden, so you can picnic anywhere and still hear the concert. You aren’t allowed to climb trees or sit on sculptures, but otherwise anything is open. It is glorious. We invite friends and family to come join us – we supply the main entree (and, it is usually sandwiches – sometimes we spring for fried chicken, but not always) and some fresh fruit. People bring their own drinks – if they want to bring some side dishes or chips, that is great, but it isn’t required. My husband is a massage therapist, so has a fairly flexible schedule. He arrives at 5:00 on the dot, and stakes out a good location. The rest of us filter in from work and meet up with him. It is a great way to relax and celebrate getting to the midpoint of the week – and, the concerts are almost always over by 9, so no one is getting home too late. Can’t wait for them to start up again this year!

  40. RaDonna Lanterman says

    I love to have sweet tea in the summer when friends are over. It’s the only time I make sweet tea!!
    It’s a “special” drink . . . I love your blog!!!

  41. Dina L says

    My favorite summer tip is to slice up cucumbers for quick snacks and store them in the fridge but be sure to put a paper towel inside the container to keep them from getting mushy

  42. says

    My family always keeps a big pitcher of sun tea (or “refrigerator” tea, basically tea steeped in cold water slowly) to put out in the warmer weather for guests. They go through it like crazy and it couldn’t be easier to make!

  43. Natalie G says

    I love beautiful servingware~ it makes even the plainest of foods look fabulous! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  44. Debi B says

    Hello! I’m from Wisconsin originally and it wouldn’t be a summer gathering without beer brats:)

  45. Paula says

    Sangria, tapas, and tasting parties are summer entertaining tips that keep it fun and simple.

  46. Elisabeth says

    The floral market pitcher is to die for! :) I would absolutely love to win! :) I can’t say I have an entertaining tip, I’m still new to being married and being a hostess but I’m working on it.

  47. Karissa Bradshaw says

    My favorite summer entertaining tip is to always check your flowers, lighting, and music. Its important to play on the senses and nothing catches your nose like walking into a house full of lilies. Lighting plays a big role on the mood in the room/patio and I love nothing more than having lights hanging creating a magical glow above. Music is a must-its amazing how much more enjoyable a glass of wine can be with Norah Jones playing in the background!

  48. Denise says

    I love MacKenzie-Childs!!! I always drool over the catalogs when they come.
    I like to have a pitcher of water with lemon and cucumber slices on the drinks table. It’s so refreshing and I end up refilling it multiple times.

  49. Kim S says

    I believe fresh flowers make a party special anytime of year. It shows effort no matter what other short cuts I’m taking.

  50. Sharon mirick says

    The photography is wonderful! These lovely dishes could easily serve a meal at an evening dinner party, as well as on a picnic table sporting hamburgers and baked beans . I love them

  51. Marcey M. says

    My absolute favorite summer entertaining tip always includes my FRONT PORCH! :) You can have the most wonderful food, drinks and guests but without a cheerful and cozy front porch…(or back), it may as well be winter!

  52. says

    Hi there. Your site is beautiful. One of my favorite summer entertaining ideas is to have a fabulous cocktail. I truly love to make a couple of pitchers of refreshing sangria for my guests.

  53. Laura Sullivan says

    I love to entertain with food bars such as a taco bar, or pizza bar or even baked potato bar. It’s fun to let guests design their own entree and it keeps it casual and relaxed!

  54. says

    Hello Wenderly,

    I am so glad I found your page, such looovely items, and I look forward to your posts. Some of the things that you post are pages right out of my wish book!! Summer is absolutely the best time to be outdoors and gather with friends and family! One my favorite things to serve is salad. I have to say, my salads are always requested at our get- togethers. I pile on all kinds of goodies. But, here is the best part of my salads… I take mini oyster crackers and pour dipping oil over them (my favorite is sun dried tomato). The very same kind of dipping oils that they serve in restaurants to dip bread in. I use these in regular croutons. Truth: I sometimes eat them with a spoon like cereal too!!

  55. David Collichio says

    I was the display artist for a retailer that carried Mackenzie-Childs about 25 years ago.They have been my favorite ever since.I always look forward to what they will come up with next!!!

  56. Sherrie Rapaglia says

    Because I live in Texas, all our summer entertaining is done indoors. We always serve a cheese/crackers/salami platter for starters, and plenty of drinks for everyone. We fill a large ice bucket with wine, beer for the guys, and San Pelllegrino drinks so there are plenty of choices. And I usually have two or three dessert choices. Thanks, Wenderly. Love your blog!

  57. says

    I fill smaller containers of dip to keep in fridge to keep adding to the dip bowl to keep things cool and plentiful
    I adore your choices of Mackenzie Childs

  58. says

    I am OBSESSED with Laguiole flatware. Obsessed! I bought a few pieces on our recent honeymoon, and now I can’t rest until I have more. I wanna win! :)

    Summer entertaining tip: let the men handle the meat. That way, we can focus on fabulous sides and drinks, which are more fun anyway 😉

  59. Alison M says

    Freeze berries instead of using ice cubes in drinks… that way things do not get watered down.

  60. Elizabeth says

    Hi! My grandma has gotten me into MC and i absolutely love the stuff!! Love the courtly check! and your blog!

  61. Laurie says

    Just found your site and love it! Love the enamelware, have always used my Grandmother’s white and red ware for everything.

  62. Pamela Thomas says

    I love to make fancy place cards – sometimes whimsical with a strip of rick rack or a classic verse in fancy lettering to match the personality of each guest. I especially like to use MacKenzie Childs serving pieces! I
    love your blog!

  63. Heidi Torrence-Simon says

    Love everything about MacKenzie Childs. I love to use the courtly check pots for silverware on my summer buffet table.

  64. Michelle Stephens says

    We have a lemon tree and spritz lemon juice on our greens, fruit and make lemonade for all summer gatherings. Awesome giveaway!

  65. Jennifer C. says

    Hi! Summer entertaining to me means food on the grill, a big pitcher of Red Sangria, and enjoying simple moments with friends and family! I usually try to prepare as much as I can the day (s) before so that when company comes over I can actually enjoy the time with them!:)

  66. says

    Wow! I know the giveaway is over but i loved reading through everyone’s responses. Summertime, happiness and giving.

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