We’re Expecting…Part 2

You may remember that we were expecting?

Well…the BIG DAY has finally come!

And mama Lina is singing about it from the roof tops!

Or maybe, to be more specific, the lamp post tops…

…and just in time for Mother’s Day!

Do you remember that moment? That fresh, all pink skin, slightly wrinkled and alien looking, but nonetheless, the MOST gorgeous thing that you’ve ever laid eyes on before moment.

Doesn’t this look familiar to any of you mommys out there?

Can’t you just hear what they’re saying, “more! more! more…”!?

We’ve all been there done that, haven’t we?

It’s just never enough, fast enough, especially with four, yes, FOUR mouths to feed.

Four precious little sweet bundles of feathers all snug inside their safe little nest.

I’ve been watching this darling little wren mama working day and night, night and day to feed her little ones, in the rain, wind, sun, and even the dark of night, it doesn’t matter… she’s still there, worm in mouth ready to do whatever it takes for her babies.

As I sat in my car in the garage, waiting… and watching…

yes, I actually sat in my car, trying to be still and not even breathe,  for fear of disturbing her feeding the babies.

It was like I was on a photo shoot for National Geographic or something.

I take my job seriously.

I found myself enamored with the dedication and relentless energy that was being put forth by little Lina, the mama wren, for her newborns.

The unforgiving schedule, endless energy and constant consideration for her babes.

Nothing else mattered to her. Not how she feels, or looks, or what she wants or needs. It’s all about the babies, her children, her everything.

It’s an amazing thing.

Being a mother.

Whether you grow a baby in your tummy or you grow a baby in your heart,

or lay eggs in a nest for that matter,

it’s an amazing thing.

Something takes a hold of the very core of your identity and molds it into something beautiful. Something selfless, worthy and wise.

Remember these blessed, sacred moments?

Everyone is happy and content.

Then in one split second…uh oh,…the demands begin all over again.

But then our babies begin to grow.

And mysteriously, as they grow,

we grow too..

with each incredible milestone that puffs us up with pride and adoration for our little beings…

who are changing, maturing and learning

and eventually,


outgrowing the nest.

This morning with coffee in hand, I walked into the garage to do my ceremonial peek-in-the-nest-to-make-sure-that-everything-is-fine before I can start my day – and much to my dismay- there were,




I went into panic mode, “where are my four baby birdies???” “did those big mean ole crows get to them?” “I don’t understand, they were here last night?”

Instantaneously , I heard, “chirp, chirp, chirp”  “chirp, chirp, chirp”…

and wouldn’t you know it…

the four sweet baby birdies had ALL flown out of the nest and were in my garage learning to spread their tiny wings…

and fly.

Tears started to puddle in the corners of my eyes as I stood there in awe.

Then I went into National Geographic photographer mode yet again and captured these –

We all know that someday…

our little baby birdies…

will learn how to to fly…come on little guy, you can do it.

…and they will land on both feet, (or ladder) and be just fine.

But that doesn’t make it any easier to let go…

So I dedicate this story to my mom and all the other moms out there who have nursed, nurtured, loved…

and let go.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you mom.



Married my soulmate. Mama of 2. Love to inspire. Can't help but to relish in all things beautiful inside & out. Join me in Savoring the Art of Living.


  1. You got me this morning, great blog…made me teary! Enjoy all your babies, happy mother’s day!!!

  2. That was super sweet, Wendy. I said “Wow,” as I was reading it, then Chris said, “Wow?” I showed him the pics of the newest baby birds and he said, “Wow.” Happy Mother’s Day!!

  3. I have just spent my time at lunch reading thru your entire blog! It’s a beauty and your post about the birds is just wonderful. They are inspiring to watch! We have a little family of sparrows in the bird house in our yard but I can’t see into it, like in your nest. What a treat. I found your blog thru a very good friend of mine who found it through her husband Troy’s, cousin’s facebook. Whew! I’ve already printed the scone recipe and can’t wait to try it and I really enjoyed your pictures and stories! Congrats on the Trader Joe win – I am a big believer in positive thinking, too!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by Terri, and I’m touched by your sweet compliments! Nice to meet you! Can’t wait to hear what you think about the scones! 🙂

  4. Girlfriend! You have a gift! Thank goodness He led you to do this. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Loved reading about the baby birds!

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