You Deserve A Break Today!

Isn’t that a beautiful, relaxing, self indulgent little group of characters in the above photo?

Well I’m here to tell you that you deserve a break today and it’s not about greasy fast food! You deserve to go to the spa right in your own home. And it’s as easy as one trip to your local grocery store! I happened to go to my favorite, my beloved Trader Joe’s, but any grocery store will do!

As we approach Mother’s Day, I thought it only appropriate to write a post that shouts out to all of you moms out there that need a bit of pampering! I don’t know about you, but in my mind, I’ve never met a mom that didn’t need, deserve, or desire a good pampering on almost a daily basis!

But more times than not, we skip right along making excuses to ourselves like,  “Oh I’m waaaaay too busy”, “The kids need this-n-that”, or the over popular, “I’ll do it next week”…

and we all know that’s the kiss of death, once we say “I’ll do it next week”… well, then forget about it.

But guess what? I have the perfect solution! And it can take as long (or short) as you like.

Here’s what you need as seen in the above photo-

  • Olive oil
  • a special luxurious bar of soap, I have a french ginger almond oatmeal exfoliant soap, it’s delish!
  • a bottle of Prosecco (it’s an Italian champagne, very light and bubbly and very refreshing)
  • or this yummy fresh sparkling lemonade if you’d rather have something without any alcohol
  • some decadent dark chocolate ( it’s known as an antioxidant, don’t ya know?)
  • a beautiful glass (everything seems more elegant and tasty in a beautiful glass I always say)

A bouquet of fresh flowers is optional, I personally made it a New Year’s Resolution to have fresh flowers in my home every week, but that’s just me. Perhaps you should do the same!

Now the first step is going to surprise you at first, but stay with me you’ll be glad you did.

I always have olive oil around my house. I’m married to a wonderful Greek boy, My Yanni, and well, olive oil and a Greek boy go hand-n- hand…it’s kind of an “unsaid” said, ya know what I mean?

Anyway, I do love olive oil and it’s so good for sooo many things, too many things to talk about here and now, but one of my favs is….a hot oil hair treatment!!

Yes, you read that right.

I’m telling you to put olive oil on your hair, trust me, you’ll thank me when it’s all said and done!

Simply pour about a 1/2 cup of olive oil into a microwave safe cup, warm it up for about 30 seconds and put in on your hair.

Now I must warn you, it can be messy when poured from the cup onto your head. I know, because I’ve tried it and it looked like someone tossed a salad (minus the lettuce) right there on my bathroom floor. So after some research, I found this nifty little plastic bottle that worked perfectly!

Pour the already heated olive oil into the bottle and generously saturate all of your hair and then cover with a shower cap. I have another tip for you… tuck tissues around the edges of the shower cap BEFORE the olive oil has a chance to run down your forehead and into your eyes and eventually down your chin.

I contemplated showing you all a photo of me in my shower cap with tissues all around the edges and then thought better of it.

Some things are just left better alone.

Now let the olive oil and oh so stylish shower cap stay on your head for a 1/2 an hour.

Now in the meantime, draw yourself a bubble bath and relax with your luxurious bar of soap, while sipping on a bubbly, refreshing beverage and nibble on some healthy antioxidant dark chocolate. Once you’ve allowed the olive oil to work its’ magic for a 1/2 hour, simply wash out with your regular shampoo and conditioner, dry and style your hair and admire how glossy and gorgeous it is!

Next, take a nap, or finish enjoying your bubbly beverage and make a quiet vow to yourself to never sell yourself short of a little pampering ever again!

I’m here to tell you that YOU DESERVE IT!

“Learn how to pause…or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you.” ~ Doug King

Your home spa is waiting…


Do you have any other at home spa tips to share!? I’d love to hear how you pamper yourself!


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  1. Great ideas! For me the slowing down to take the time is the first step that I seem to be missing. Thanks for the great hot oil tip.

  2. Very interesting! I never knew olive oil was good for the hair. I will be trying it this weekend.
    Love your site chica… it makes me feel like I’m going on vacation.

  3. You’re so right about the benefits of olive oil. I use a whole line of olive oil based skin care. Even on my oily skin it works wonders.

  4. I hopped over from Petit Elephant, since you mentioned a hot oil hair treatment. It reminded me of those commercials when I was younger for VO5 hot oil treatments. Always wanted to try those. Your method sounds much more doable. Thanks!

    • Well hello there! Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you like the hot olive oil treatment, it does wonders for me! Be sure to let me know!

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