The Traveling Cookbook

Recently I returned home from shopping to find this waiting on my front step… it felt like Christmas.

Well, o.k. actually, it was almost Christmas, but if you could imagine that tickle you get in your belly at Christmastime, then you’d know exactly how I felt when I saw that box.

The Traveling Cookbook had arrived on my doorstep.

What’s The Traveling Cookbook you ask?

Well, two lovely ladies, Chris Ann and Kristin of LoveFeast Table have put together a fabulous project called The Traveling Cookbook. In a nutshell, one cookbook will travel from one blogger to the next and cook a few recipes from the book, share their experiences by scrapbooking in the cookbook and then pass it along. Eventually the cookbook will be as full of personal experiences as all of the bellies that got to enjoy the recipes and it will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to Feed My Starving Children. How cool is that?

The first cookbook to take this most splendid journey is The Pioneer Woman Cooks, by Ree Drummond.

I just adore Ree’s cookbook and couldn’t wait to dig in and try some new recipes! We decided to kick off the New Year by cooking up a hearty breakfast. Please join me over at The Traveling Cookbook page to see all the fun!


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  1. Thanks for being a part of The Traveling Cookbook journey! We love seeing where it lands and hearing bits of the stories it becomes a part of.
    At the table,
    Chris Ann & Kristin

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