A Moment of Sweetness

While working on a project that involved cotton candy the other day I tore off a tiny fluffy piece and popped it into my mouth. The sweetness took over my senses. My salivary glands kicked in and I was wrapped in the euphoria that comes along with that moment of sugary delight.

And then it was gone.

In an instant.

It made me stop dead in my tracks and think about all of the sweet moments in my life that melt away without me consciously paying attention to them.

They just melt away and get swallowed up by life.

And then they’re gone.

Life is short.

Life is sweet.

Savor it.



Married my soulmate. Mama of 2. Love to inspire. Can't help but to relish in all things beautiful inside & out. Join me in Savoring the Art of Living.


  1. You’re so very right. Thanks for the reminder and for sharing your heart like always.

    Now I want some cotton candy.

  2. I just adore how you dont let life pass you by! I think without you… without stopping by your beautiful blog and getting lost in its gorgeousness and truth, I would be lost! Thank you for all you do sweety!

  3. How very timely, I chose my word for the year and it’s savor. I want to work on doing just that, savoring the sweetness of life’s little moments.

  4. I cannot believe I just read this. I walked over to computer & on my screen saver was a photo of my daughter from 4 years ago. She was 4, we were in NY in the Hamptons. She is carrying her American Girl doll & she looks precious. I will never forget the fun we had that day & the giant tantrum she pitched on a bench outside Saks 5th Avenue! She is tucked into bed sleeping right now. All I want to do is hug that 4 year old to tell her how quickly 4 years have passed since that day. All is good, but the passage of time freaks me out.
    Mindful + Savor. 2 beautiful words.

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