The Pioneer Woman’s Homemade Glazed Doughnuts at the Cabin & a Giveaway (Winners Announced)

We have the winners for the 3 signed by Ree The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier cookbooks!

Winners have been picked at random by my family.

They are…(drumroll please)…

# 1 Cassie
“my favorite kind of doughnut is a cake doughnut with maple glaze!”

# 444 Hannah S.
“Maple bar! The coconut-crumb cake donuts are a close second”

# 1,263 Jessica Baer
“Apple Fritters!!”

I will be emailing each of you for address information.

Thank you SO MUCH to all who joined in the FUN!

It’s spring break in suburbia. So I did what any other mother of a darling teen and pre-teen daughter lamenting to spend a week on a beach but had to stay home would do. I improvised. I packed the car with some clothes and Ree Drummond’s delicious new cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier and headed to the cabin with the girls and my parents for some cooking, eating and bonding time.

I mean it is the second best thing, right?

Ree’s newest cookbook is a collection of mouthwatering recipes explained through beautiful pictures and heartwarming stories of life on the ranch with her darling family. Just flipping through her lovely book makes you feel as if you’ve been whisked away to her ranch to enjoy all the adventure, food and fun that it has to offer.

So I figure, why not have some of that at the cabin? We’ll turn our charming little cabin into a sprawling ranch only without the horses and cowboys and instead a little improvisation.

We decided that we just had to make Ree’s homemade glazed doughnuts. Doughnuts hold a cherished place in all of our hearts. We love doughnuts. Not to mention, I always think of Ree whenever I see a doughnut after reading one of her posts that has now become one of my very favorite.  And what a better way to kick off our weekend than to do so with delicious homemade doughnuts? It was a perfect plan.

I cracked opened the cookbook and the fun began.

I soon realized that I had no doughnut cutter. No mixer with a hook. No silpat mats or parchment paper. No cooling racks.


Can you see that improvisation was a theme here?

But no worries. I mixed the dough with my hands. Used an antique vase and a wine glass for doughnut cutters. Aluminum foil in place of my beloved silpat mat. And scrubbed the dickens out of the oven rack to use as a cooling rack. To see the recipe done the right way with a step by step photo tutorial check out Ree’s post for Homemade Glazed Doughnuts.

Now back to the ranch, um I mean cabin. After letting the dough chill in the fridge and then rise the next morning Sassafras and I got busy.

It was such fun cutting out the doughnut holes with an antique vase.

I may never go back to a doughnut cutter personally.

After the little gems sat in a warm spot and turned into little pillows of fluffiness, it was time to fry them.

Pretend like I have a photo of the little darlings in their glory of puffiness. Thank you for your cooperation. 

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised about how easy and fun it was to fry the little suckers.

Ahhhhhhh, haaaaaaaaa…

Insert angels singing.

Are those glorious or what?

Just so you know. An oven rack works perfectly as cooling rack.

Or in this instance a doughnut-glaze-dripping-rack.

And a cookie sheet works fabulously as a doughnut-hole-glaze-pouring surface.

And my mouth works perfectly as a doughnut-taste-tester.

Just thought I’d share. Le YUM! We’ll never buy doughnuts again!

You really must get your hot little hands on one of these delightful cookbooks. The recipes are divine (even when a little improv is necessary) and you too can have a slice of Ree’s frontier right in your own home. But guess what? Today is your LUCKY day! Sweet Ree is actually going to give three lucky winners a personalized cookbook!

Enter to win one of three Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier cookbooks signed by Ree and addressed to you!

 Just leave me a comment below telling me your favorite kind of doughnut.

Entries will be accepted today March 20, 2012 through Friday March 23, 2012 midnight EST.

Winners will be announced sometime on Saturday March 24, 2012 and contacted via email. Make sure to leave a valid email address with your comment!

The giveaway is only open to U.S. residents.

Have fun & good luck!



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  1. these are absolutely gorgeous! i love how excited everyone is about ree’s cookbook – can’t wait to pick up a copy myself. your doughnuts look beautiful 🙂 i’ve never made them at home but you’ve inspired me to try…

    oh, and my favorite doughnuts are boston creme!

  2. Loved my Mom’s homemade cake like donuts….they were the bomb!! Chocolate frosting, of course!

  3. Glazed or Bavarian cream, I don’t have a sweet tooth but I love baked goods!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  4. In the small town where I went to college there was a family owned doughnut shop that was open 24/7 and seemed to always have fresh doughnuts. They made a sour cream cake doughnut that will always be my favorite, and will always remind me of the great time I had for those 4 years.

  5. The simple, delicious, glazed doughnuts!! By the way, what’s the official spelling of these babies…? Doughnuts or Donuts?

  6. My favorite since I was a kid has been plain glazed doughnuts. They are simple, not a lot of fuss…but oh so heavenly in your mouth! Less is more couldn’t be truer than when it comes to glazed doughnuts.

  7. I love love love a good glazed doughnut. Especially when they are warm. Mmmmmm. Doughnuts!

  8. Powdered sugar hold a nostalgic place in my heart… best part of soccer practice was the donuts after.

  9. I cannot pass up a donut hole. Before I was of age and my friends boyfriend worked at a donut shop we’d go get donut holes and drink them with our beer.

  10. A glazed old fashion, then a chocolate eclair,then a maple bar, then a good old glazed, a occasional lemon jelly filled powdered.

  11. I prefer a cake doughnut with chocolate icing…yum. It is a rare occasion when I allow myself to eat one.

  12. I’ve never met a donut I didn’t like, but I tend to go for the classic plain cake–perfect for dipping in coffee. Apparently there’s a donut here that’s Nutella-filled brioche…which will most likely be my new favorite once I’ve had it.

  13. Plain old glazed. There is a restaurant in Pittsburgh, The Grand Concurse, that has an old-fashioned donut machine on their weekend brunch buffet. It makes the best donuts ever!

  14. Oh dear – I don’t think I’ve met a doughnut I haven’t enjoyed. However, I would say my favorites are the mini doughnuts you find at fairs that are completely covered in too much cinnamon-sugary goodness. Mouth watering.

  15. The doughnuts look amazing! My favorite would be a plain doughnut with sprinkles. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  16. My favorite is a buttercrunch donut. Glazed chocolate cake donut holes follow as a quick second… but those are so easy to pop in my mouth that I find them a little dangerous! 😉

  17. A hot cream filled Krispy Creme. I will wreck the car trying to see if the HOT NOW light is on.

    THX for the chance!

  18. Actually – not a real fan of the donut, but I will eat a strawberry cake donut if I happen across one 🙂

  19. I love donut holes the best. Truth be told of chain or mass market I only like Krispy Kreme originals when the hot now sign is on!

  20. I’m not entering…I have one of these babies, and I LOVE it. BUT, I just wanted to say how IMPRESSED I am by your doughnut improvisation! Wow, Wendy!

  21. My favorite doughnut is the valet glazed toe sometimes called sour cream or old fashioned in Dallas local donut shops.
    I’d love to win the cookbook!

  22. Although my first love is a glazed chocolate cake doughnut, I also have a soft spot for tiger tails, and apple fritters.

  23. I LOVE blueberry cake donuts. But those up above look divine, too. Thanks for the opportunity to win PW’s latest book!! :]

  24. I (and my thighs) try to stay away from doughnuts. But if you really wanted to tempt me, you could do it with a Blueberry Buttermilk Doughnut fresh from Earl’s in Chatsworth, CA, – because I’ll bet they taste just as good as they did 40 years ago.

  25. Great photos by the way and I love your improvisation. Genius ideas. My fav donut would be the good old traditional flavour of jam with a sugar coating on the outside. Naughty but very very nice ;o)

  26. Loved your post! My favorite is apple cider donuts. I made them once – but I could not seem to stabilize the temp of the oil.

  27. A Krispy Kreme glazed Chocolate cake doughnut – that was the doughnut my husband and I split as our wedding cake :p

  28. I was going to say chocolate cake with chocolate frosting but after seeing your photos, I’m going with PW’s glazed!

  29. Ahhhhh What could be better than to WIN a cookbook from one of my favorite bloggers, from yet another one of my favorite bloggers site/contest!!

    Luv you both, more n’ my luggage!

    Oh and… ahem… PICK ME!!

  30. The original glazed donut is my all time FAVORITE…and I don’t have a problem with admitting I lick my fingers afterwards so I don’t miss a drop!

  31. Wow. Who knew making donuts at home could be so simple? My mom always fried up refrigerated biscuits and dusted them powdered sugar and called them “donuts” for an extra special, after school treat.

  32. Boston creme are my absolute favorite but I think chocolate glazed or chocolate frosted come in second.

  33. I can’t resist a maple donut, and I’m positive Pioneer Woman’s maple icing she used with her cinnamon roll recipe on her blog would be amazing on her donuts as well!

  34. Glazed doughnuts from Ma’s doughnut shop(the ones from the Doughnut Vault in Chicago are pretty good too!!)

  35. I love a good blueberry donut. But then, I never can refuse a kruller. Or a custard-filled. Or a hot glazed. Or. . .


  36. Glazed, just the way you made them. Homemade are best, but there’s a local bakery that is a very close second.

  37. Did you ever have a French Cruller? It’s like a light airy eclairlike (is that a word?) base dipped in glaze. YUM! My ex-husband worked at a doughnut shop making the donuts and I gained 20 pounds eating French Crullers and steamed hot cocoa. Needless to say that marriage was short-lived. Haha!

  38. Chocolate cake donut with chocolate frosting and peanuts on top. Then any cake donut just not a yeast donut those are disgusting to me.

  39. There’s a donut store nearby that takes plain donuts (no hole,) cuts them in half, and stuffs them with fresh glazed strawberries. But really, I love them all!

  40. Cake doughnuts. If you’ve ever been to Cincinnati, there’s this bakery called Busken, they make the best cake doughnuts- glazed or PLAIN, the best- in the whole wide world… in fact now I want one. Thanks! 😀

  41. I was just reminiscing about my favorite doughnut the other day! My grandma used to get doughnuts when I would stay at her house, and my absolute favorite was a cream stick with chocolate glaze – my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  42. I love doughnuts with blueberry filling, I watch your show on Saturday mornings on Foodnetwork. I find your show Pioneer Woman very informative

  43. Good old fashion glazed!! Yumm and good job!! I think I will have to make these at my cabin!!

  44. I love a good peanut crunch donut. Cake donut glazed and then covered in peanut crunch…a peanutty, brown sugar, and butter mixture.

  45. My favorite kind of doughnut is one that has chocolate glaze and sprinkles! They are the only kind that I eat… though maybe if I made some PW doughnuts I would have a heart change!

  46. I am personally a fan of Chocolate with andes mints, however you can never go wrong with a traditional glazed.

  47. apple filled all the way! who doesn’t need more apple (…and sugar… and fried dough) in their life?!

  48. I’m normally a plain-glazed kind of girl, but I’ve recently discovered maple-glazed cake and now I’m officially in love with both!

  49. OHHHH Lorry those look so good I can just smell them!!!My favorites are sour cream donuts.

  50. I’m not entering the giveaway. Just had to tell you how wonderful your donuts look. Thanks for the *interior* look. I have yet to make donuts, either fried or baked but I do love these spheres of deliciousness so I’m sure I’ll be trying them soon.

    Necessity if the mother of invention and I love your adaptation of a donut cutter. Well done!

  51. I think even I could make these! Thanks for sharing. Your photos are always spectacular, too!

  52. I love Ree!! My favorite kind of doughnut is…..wait……wait for it……….

  53. A yeast donut with chocolate glaze.. or maybe coffee donut. I do make them rather often ~ in a bread machine makes it easy peasy.

  54. Okay- normally it’s a toss up between a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting & nuts and then a Bavarian cream filled donut with chocolate frosting. But these look divine- you did a great job. I may just have to make some for the fam.

  55. Glazed donuts rock my world ~ Ree’s cookbook would also rock my world!!! Thanks for the give~away.

  56. Love this! My absolute favorite are cinnamon sugar cake doughnuts fried to perfection like these. My mom used to make them using the Betty Crocker recipe and we have a cider mill nearby that makes the best – I’ve been the first one there when they open for the last two years!

    • Hi Poppy!

      I didn’t have a thermometer (again improvisation) I just dropped a doughnut hole in to test the oil. When it popped back up to surface and started to sizzle, I knew that the oil was ready.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  57. My favorite is the rasberry jelly filled, but recently I have found Psycho donuts in San Jose that make dirty turtle donuts with cookie crumbs and caramel.

  58. My favorite kind of donuts are cream filled!! With chocolate frosting on top. So kind of an eclair. Yum.

  59. Old fashioned, cinnamon and sugar doughnut holes, and a cake doughnut with white icing and sprinkles!

  60. My favorite donut is a chocolate covered, cream filled donut! BUT, I am an equal opportunity donut fan and will eat any kind, anywhere, anytime!

  61. Love that you improvised with your tools for the doughnuts! I don’t know if there is one I’d turn down, but chocolate glazed is always pretty delicious.

  62. Lately I’ve been partial to the glazed chocolate cake donuts, but when I can find them a chocolate cream filled donut is to die for. Great giveaway!

  63. I love sugar doughnuts, jam-filled doughnuts and maple-glazed doughnuts. They are all delightfully good.

  64. I love a simple glazed doughnut, but I recently saw that there is a place in Chicago that serves a doughnut that is glazed with a whiskey glaze and topped with bacon. I must try it soon!

  65. Chocolate cake doughnuts just barely beat my all time favorite, simple, unassuming glazed.

  66. I’m pretty easy – just add chocolate and sprinkles (preferably rainbow) and that’s my favorite!

  67. I like them original with nothing added…plain ole doughnuts…its good enough like it is. Who needs toppings or fillings?? 🙂

  68. My favorite is called a “Vanilla Angel” – it is a powdered sugar doughnut with a vanilla buttercream inside! yum!!

  69. I LOVE that you used an oven rack! I can’t believe I’ve never thought of that since when we moved in we discovered two extra racks in the garage. Now I know what I’ll be using them for! (only three years later…lol) My favorite are either glazed chocolate cake donuts or boston creams.

  70. Hi, Just found your site from Ree’s site and I love it. I also love the doughnut story on the Pioneer Woman. I just have to say that my favorite all time doughnut is just a plain raised doughnut with sugar coating. Nothing fancy. I will certainly be keeping up with you from now on.

  71. My favorite Donut is a old fashioned sour cream donut with a light glaze. the ones from rainbow donuts here in phoenix are incredible.

  72. GERMAN CHOCOLATE! ohhh just the thought of one with a fresh cup of coffee………………

  73. I had my favorite doughnut once during my travels. It is the German Chocolate doughnut at LaMars in Montgomery, AL!

  74. Never made a doughnut before, but will have to try Ree’s recipe. I love Krispy Kreme donuts.

  75. glazed with chocolate icing on the top……fresh and warm from the fryer! YUMMMMMMM

  76. My mom’s recipe, which makes a heavier donut that you top with cinnamon and sugar. Yum yum.

  77. I never met a donut I didn’t like but my all time fave is an apple fritter from Tim Hortons! Try one……they are divine!

  78. I’ve always loved the peanut butter creamed filled. I ate one almost every day when I was pregnant.

  79. I hate to play favorites where doughnuts are concerned. I don’t like hurt feelings. I’ll eat any old kind of doughnut!

  80. I love finger doughnuts with white frosting and sprinkles. Every time I bite into one it takes me back to my first job at a grocery store bakery when I was in high school. It would be my breakfast pretty much every shift. Ah the good old days when doughnuts counted as a healthy breakfast…sigh…

  81. Cinnamon dusted cake donuts, or fresh glazed that are still warm! Hmm…maybe should make a batch of these?!

  82. I’m a huge fan of chocolate covered donuts with sprinkles. Every place has them, and they’re so good!

  83. I’m always up for a good old-fashioned doughnut. (How plain-seeming…) I love a chocolate cake doughnut too, though. Or anything with chocolate frosting. Yum.

  84. OK, your site doesn’t like me. I love plain ole’ glazed donuts. We’ll see if this one posts? Thanks

  85. Raspberry filled glazed doughnuts are my absolute favorite and regular glazed would be the next in line.

  86. I love cream filled, chocolate glazed donuts. Your vase/goblet improvisation brought back memories of my grandmother. She made fabulous biscuits and always cut them out with a very pretty teacup that had lost its handle. Thanks for reminding me.

  87. There’s a little donut shop here that’s been in business at least 55 years and probably more. Irish Maid Donuts. Any kind they make is heavenly.

  88. There is not any kind of donut that I don’t like! If I have to pick one it would be the chocolate glazed from “Southern Maid” in Louisiana.

  89. I love plain glazed doughnuts. Sometimes with vanilla icing and sprinkles if I’m feeling sassy.

  90. I love a boston cream donut, chocolate, cream filling and a donut – what’s not to love?! Thanks for the chance to win PW’s cookbook. I have been looking around your site and am so glad Ree sent us here, I am now following you as well!!

  91. I love a boston cream donut, chocolate, cream filling and a donut – what’s not to love?! Thanks for the chance to win PW’s cookbook. I have been looking around your site and am so glad Ree sent us here, I am now following you as well!!

  92. I love that you cut out the donut holes with a little vase. Very inventive, my dear! No need to enter me in the giveaway b/c I have a copy of Ree’s wonderful book.

  93. This is gonna sound funny but… I don’t like donuts. If I was forced to enjoy one, It would have to be pudding filled and drowned in dark chocolate, then smothered with gold and silver sprinkles.

  94. Favorite kind of doughnut: freshest possible doughnut! (Which is sometimes very difficult to come by here…)

  95. My Cambodian American neighbors have a donut shop where they make THE BEST apple fritters! So if it is from their shop, I vote apple fritter. Anyplace else, I’m a glazed donut girl…

  96. Warm Krispy Kremes are my very favorites!

    I have an autographed copy of Ree’s first cookbook. My son bought the book after it first came out and mailed it to her and requested her autograph. She signed it and sent it back to him and it was a wonderful Christmas gift for me. I’d love to have the second book too!

  97. As a Carolina girl, I must pick a hot, glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme as my all-time favorite.

  98. can I please have a long john filled with cream cheese , glazed and then dipped in crushed bacon? thank you.. I’ll take any donut anytime anywhere… And I worked in a donut shop — never got tired of donuts!

  99. These doughnuts look absolutely scrumptious! Back in the day before I had to go gluten-free, I loved any and all. I now get Katz gluten-free custard-filled and cinnamon which are delicious. If I am one of the lucky winners of Ree’s cookbook, you can bet I’ll be working on a gluten free version! Thanks, Linda

  100. I really like French Crueller’s. Second choice would be a cake donut with chocolate icing.

  101. I love cake doughnuts with a cinnamon sugar coating…or dipped in chocolate of course!

  102. If we are talking doughnuts in general, you can’t go wrong with a classic like the glazed doughnut. My hometown bakery makes these amazing fried rolls with peanut butter frosting which are about the closest thing to perfection there is. A close third are the blueberry cake doughnuts I get at the Donut Professor here in Omaha!

  103. We have an awesome donut shop near us called hypnotic donuts and they have all kinds of spectacular donuts. One favorite is the Evil Elvis – peanut butter, banana and bacon on top of a glaze donut.

  104. Love the Dunkin Doughnut creme filled ones; oh my gosh. Glad I can only have them on vacation; there are very few Dunkin doughnbuts in MN

  105. I’ve made Ree’s doughnuts before and I have to say they are the BEST! I want to add a little maple flavoring to the icing next time. 🙂

  106. As a child, we made raised homemade doughnuts often…how can they not still be my favorite? I really should make them with my grandchildren now – I’ll use Ree’s recipe!

  107. It has to be a maple bar first and foremost!!

    I also like glazed and sugar doughnuts. but anything with filling? ick

  108. A warm orange-y glazed doughnut from Round Rock Donuts here in Texas. The ones as big as your face are amaaaazing (not that I ate the whole thing or anything…)

  109. Oh, I love donuts, but I do stay away… they usually end up on my backside! A special indulgence would be Dunkin Donuts chocolate cake donut. Only for my birthday. Maybe. Okay.

  110. Those doughnuts look AMAZING!!! My favorite doughnut would have to be a turtle doughnut from our local convenient store. It’s a plain doughnut covered in a maple glaze, drizzled with chocolate and topped with nuts, so good!

  111. My favorite donut/doughnut would be a plain one with so little batter it almost melts in your mouth when you bite it. Luckily, the bakery down the street from me sells this exact kind. Hooray!

  112. I love the cream filled doughnuts…delicious…but, glazed doughnuts come in at a close 2nd!!

  113. Southern Maid!! I am from the south and there is just nothing like a glazed Southern Maid donut!! Thanks!

  114. Still searching for the doughnuts I had as a small child in Michigan at the apple cider mill. Warm, cake doughnuts that left grease marks on the paper bag and life-long memories in my heart (stomach?). Eaten with a cold glass of fresh cider…. One of my favorite memories (and foods!) of my childhood!