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Apple orchard


Times are a changing around here. My girls are growing like beautiful flowers that are blooming into the most delightful young ladies despite all my worry, constant conversations and continuous praying.

Apple orchard

The days seem to slip away in a millisecond as the seasons melt into one another and I find myself trying to memorize yet another year to write on my checks.

Apple orchard

But this past year in particular has been especially blur-like. My eldest learned to drive, my youngest became a teenager, and my life perspective began to dramatically change. The little take for granted’s  became monumental. My faith grew like it hasn’t in years and my constant enamor with social media and online life dissolved into disenchantment. I didn’t really know who I was for awhile. Has that ever happened to you? My senses were overstimulated as I tried to balance my life on what seemed to be a very tiny beam. My focus that was usually multifaceted, narrowed into an ability to focus on only one task.

Apple orchard

I craved simplicity, stability, structure.

And my family.


Apple orchard

I almost considered taking my blog down even though my mind kept a silent tally of ideas and notes as I went through my days.

I prayed for answers and waited.

And then I’d pray again.

Slowly I started to hear God’s whispers.

Family was first.

Apple orchard

Apple orchard

So I continued to pray and be a mom and a daughter and a sister and a wife and a child of God. By spring I started feeling the familiar little flutters of butterfly wings in my stomach that let me know when something is a changing. I went on a weekend getaway with some dear friends. Conversations unfolded and God started speaking to me rather than whispering.

I started getting answers to prayers.

I was in awe. Why do I always respond with surprise when answered prayers come? 

Blessings can come in such beautiful packages.

Apple orchard

And unusually surprising ways.

I knew that I had to keep going. My passion for inspiring people was planted in me before I was born. Nothing makes my soul smile like making people feel something stir inside. Whether it comes from sharing a delicious recipe that we’ve enjoyed or a table I’ve set to decorating my foyer or fireplace mantel and everything in between, I love to inspire you. And I believe that is what God has called me to do.

Apple orchard

So for the past few months my husband, My Yanni, and I have been working on a new blog as I’ve been trying to keep up with the constant flow of creative ideas, recipes, decorating suggestions, and DIY projects as we decide on fonts and layouts and widgets and designs. We’re working on the last little details and kinks and hope that the new Wenderly will be up in a few weeks.

Apple orchard

*photos credits for this pic go to my eldest daughter*

I hope that you’ll join me for all the new inspiration that I would love to share with you.

Apple orchard

First on the list are homemade carmel apple hand pies made with the apples we picked from our magical family trip to the apple orchard.

With love and anticipation!



Married my soulmate. Mama of 2. Love to inspire. Can't help but to relish in all things beautiful inside & out. Join me in Savoring the Art of Living.


  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now, though I’ve never commented before, but I have to admit I’ve missed you this last year when you posted fewer and fewer articles. I look forward to your new look and posts. Can’t wait for you Apple hand pie recipe too.

  2. Social media does get overwhelming and disenchanting at times. It helps to let go and refocus and the break can often lead to new perspectives. I’m glad that you are going to continue blogging and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us. Best wishes with everything.

  3. Though I rarely comment, I do so enjoy your blog and am looking forward to your new iteration. I’m happy to know that you’re finding your purpose and focus. It’s easy to lose both in today’s often fleeting, ever changing, sometimes surreal online world.

  4. I was nervous there for a bit, Wendy. Love your blog and all your fantastic ideas, my friend. Can’t wait to see what is to come! Your girls are so blessed to have you as their mama. LOVE all your family pictures. XO

  5. HI! I follow you on FB and read your blog today and I have so enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos and reading what message I was suppose to see today. I am now at that “spinin’ my wheels” stage. My oldest started college away from home and my youngest is now a teenager and growing up faster than the speed of sound! Looks like I will be a follower because I like where this is going!! Best of blessings! Donna

  6. Oh Wendy! I love this post more than you could know. Every word. Every picture.

    I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you…and what’s in store for us as we follow along.

  7. You and your sweet family are just precious! I can’t wait to see what all God has in store for you all as it all unfolds. You are such a blessing and inspiration to so many! God’s message of beauty in the everyday and seeing snippets of his blessings everywhere you look is just what we all need to hear more often! You have such a gift for sharing it!

    Love you!
    Robyn xo

  8. I love your blog, all the way from Australia. I’ve missed your recipes and I can’t wait to see the new Wenderly and try your new recipes.

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