Red, White and Blue Frozen Sugared Grapes

The Fourth of July is a day away and I’ve got the perfect sweet treat to cool off even the hottest of days! Red, white and blue frozen sugared grapes! They are simple, scrumptious and sure to please a crowd!

Red white blue sugared frozen grapes

My love affair with frozen sugared grapes begin when I was just but a wee little nipper. My mom would dazzle guests with these frozen sugared grapes for many occasions from her monthly bridge group to our annual 4th of July tennis tournament. I remember sneaking through the kitchen pretending to need a glass of water on a mission to pluck a couple of those frosty little sweet orbs to shove into my mouth before darting back upstairs. I’m certain that I did not go unnoticed as I scurried out of the kitchen looking like a chipmunk as my cheeks were stocked full. But looking back, the risk of looking like a chipmunk far outweighed the sweet delight.

Red white blue sugared frozen grapes

Sometimes my mom would serve the frozen sugared grapes on a large platter filled with many savory cheeses and other times she would save the sparkling treat until the end of the evening when everyone was ready for a sweet dessert. I have chosen to display the frozen sugared grapes on their own to highlight their beautiful simplicity.

Red white blue sugared frozen grapes

These frozen sugared grapes can also double as a delightful sugar encrusted ice cube bouncing within a fun frothy drink. Red, white and blue frozen sugared grapes make a simple appetizer, unique ice cube or festive sweet dessert to cool you and your guests off this 4th of July. Not to mention the whole summer through!

Wishing you a fun & refreshing 4th!


Red, White and Blue Frozen Sugared Grapes
Recipe Type: Appetizer or dessert
Author: Wenderly
These frozen sugared grapes make a refreshing appetizer served with cheese, a sweet light dessert or can even be a delightful little ice cube served in your favorite drink!
  • Hand of grapes
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • water for rinsing
  1. Rinse grapes and pat dry, leaving some moisture.
  2. Sprinkle grapes with sugar until they are all covered.
  3. Place grapes on a serving dish and put in freezer for at least an hour to overnight.





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  1. So simple, but so incredibly clever! Sugared grapes are so good and pulling them together this way is so pretty for the 4th. Pinned 🙂

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