The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year Of Holidays and Resolution Smoothies {CLOSED}


Happy New Year!!!

After a year of indulging in delicious dishes I’m ringing in the new year with my fingers wrapped tightly around a scrumptious smoothie as visions of resolutions dance in my head.

Do you make New Year resolutions? I usually think about making them and then never see them through to fruition. So this year I’ve just made a little promise to myself. I’ve decided to make sure that I carve out the time to embrace and celebrate my family, friends and food each and every day. It’s a simple concept but one that I want to keep in the forefront of my mind rather than on the sidelines of a busy hectic life.

Family, friends and food. My trifecta of life.

That’s what I love about Ree’s (aka The Pioneer Woman)  new book. Whether she’s sharing her recipes and stories on her blog or celebrating life on the ranch on television, she always seems to eloquently celebrate the magic that comes together with friends, family and food. And have you seen her newest cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year Of Holidays? 

Well let me show you.


It’s exquisite.

Every holiday unfolds before you in chapter after chapter of beautiful photos that capture the very essence of each and every month. Delicious step-by-step recipes, heartwarming stories, precious family photographs and snippets of life on the ranch make this so much more than a cookbook. It’s a lovely little reminder to do the same with your own family.




A reminder to embrace life and all of the little blessings that are tucked into not only every season but also in each and every day.

So as I lazily sip on one of Ree’s scrumptious smoothies, my mind weaves through the memories of the year past.


And I eagerly await the new year and the magic of what’s to come!!


Maybe you should treat yourself to the same indulgence!

We have 3 lucky winners!!

#13 Alina who said, “Yes, I made new year’s resolutions. Top of my list is to be more organized and manage my time more wisely.”

#67 Julie who said, “I don’t usually make resolutions; I find I forget about them within a few weeks. Thanks for the chance to win!”

#115 Amber who said, “My resolution is to get in shape for my upcoming wedding. Oh, and to plan said wedding.”

Congratulations ladies! I will contacting you via email about your PW cookbook details!! Thanks so much for joining in the fun!!

GIVEAWAY! {Now Closed}

Ree has generously offered 3 signed copies of The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year Of Holidays to giveaway here on Wenderly!!  Talk about the PERFECT way to kick off the new year, right?!? 

To enter : leave a comment on this post telling me if you make new year resolutions and if you do what are they? 

Entries will be accepted until midnight EST on Wednesday, January 8, 2014. Winners will be randomly chosen and notified via email after giveaway ends. Good Luck!


Don’t forget to treat yourself to one of these beauties…

Purple Resolution Smoothies
  • 2 cups Greek Yogurt (plain)
  • 2 cups frozen blueberries
  • 2 cups frozen mixed berries
  • 1 banana
  • ¼ head read cabbage
  • ¼ cup honey
  • 1 cup cranberry or grape juice
  1. Put the Greek yogurt, frozen berries, banana, cabbage, honey and juice into a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!
Recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks A Year Of Holidays



And then roll up your sleeves and dig in to all the deliciousness that Ree’s book has to offer!

Happy New Year!!




  1. says

    My thoughts for 2014, (I’m no good with resolutions!), include having more fun and showing gratitude.
    Thank you and Happy New Year!

  2. says

    I don’t really make resolutions once a year. I just try to be a better person each year. Thanks for the giveaway. Looks wonderful!

  3. Susie says

    The same resolution I make every year… positive healthy habits. This is the year it will stick!

  4. Marie in Vermont says

    I always make at least one resolution; it is to get myself organized. Over and over I fail!!

  5. monica says

    I seem to have had New Year intentions of focusing my behavior toward a particular path – only to emerge from the holiday madness sometime in February without any clear plan for the year. I would just keep chugging away raising my family, cooking, cleaning, and car-pooling myself into yet another unfocused year. Not much about my behavior has changed. If I don’t put myself at the top of the list now that my youngest is a college freshman, I’m afraid that I never will – especially as I am back working full-time. So, this year I am making formal resolutions and goals. I haven’t quite got it all worked out but I will by my birthday which arrives on Wednesday. I figure that if I can’t quite get my act together for the start of the official New Year on January 1, maybe an even better deadline is my birthday on January 8th. After all it is the start of a new year of my life.

  6. Meredith says

    In 2014, my long distance boyfriend and I are trying 365grateful. At the end of every night we are emailing each other a picture from that day along with something that we reflected on and are grateful for. Apparently, reflection and gratitude are the keys to happiness… And boy do we need it being in a long distance relationship.

    I gave this cookbook as a gift this year but desperately wanted to keep it for myself. I have the Ree’s first book and swear by all her recipes! Would LOVE to have a signed version! And just in time for my birthday, Jan. 10! :)

  7. says

    I’ve never really done resoultions – though I usually spend the late winter-early spring getting rid of post-Christmas pounds :) Sometimes I have moreof a “focus” for the year, but basically I’m a scallywag and don’t commit to things on Jan 1st!

  8. Rose says

    I usually don’t make resolutions, but this year I am SERIOUS about loosing weight and eating healthier!

  9. NancyL says

    I guess I kind of do; New Years is a good time to re-evaluate life. I usually plan to increase my activity level, lose weight, and be more diligent in daily Bible reading. At the end of the year I review to see if I’ve met my goal, then revise and set a new goal. This doesn’t need to be done Jan 1, but can be done at any time of the year.

  10. jackie taylor says

    My news years resolution is get my self healthy,after two years of taking care of taking my husband and helping him recover from two major illnesses and taking care of threeelderly family members,somewhere i lost me.

  11. Liz H says

    No resolutions. Hmmm, maybe a resolution to be even happier because I’m still here and enjoying every day.

  12. Joy Louise says

    I don’t intentionally make a list of resolutions, but the whole idea of a new year inspires me to try once more. Sometimes it takes a year’s worth of experiences to make me ready to realistically tackle those dreams again. I may be the same weight as I was 365 days ago, with the same depleted bank account, but I have renewed a empathy for others and a quiet contentment with my life I didn’t have one year ago.

  13. Mollie Colon says

    Every year I vow to lose weight and stop using curse words. Every year I fail. Well, two years (out of ten) I lost some weight but gained it back – plus some! This year I’ll try again. Wish me luck!

  14. cbherself says

    New resolutions for 2014 are few. Biggest one to work on is doing more socializing with friends of old.

  15. lynsey l says

    my resolution to become more financially stable, as of right now i am holding true to that but we never know what the economy will bring.

  16. Miranda hall says

    This year my resolution was to get more organized with life. I have two small children and am running in circles trying to keep up with everything! I bought a planner and have set a reminder for evey Sunday to go through my week!

  17. Kristin says

    I do make new year’s resolutions just the same as i do for every other day of my life! On the particular day of New Years my resolution happened to be to look at life as my child does; to stop and smell the roses!

  18. Suzie says

    My resolutions: To love with passionate, fearless abandon. To adore myself (fragility, failures, flaws and all). To find the mundane absolutely, soul-shatteringly thrilling (because simply being alive is as breathtaking as anything gets). To fill my life with as much beauty and quirk as I can cram in.

  19. Monica says

    Hi! I found your blog through The Pioneer Woman’s blog and I REALLY like what I have read! It would be AWESOME to win Ree’s book! As far as New Year’s Resolutions… My 3 boys and I have made some. Reading more for the boys and I want to head back to the gym. Giving myself some “me” time makes me a better mom and being more healthy is a plus for the whole family! Happy New Year Wenderly and fellow readers!

  20. Bec says

    I love making lists, so I just resolve to keep working on the ones I already have – activities I’d like to keep pursuing, places to visit, small habits like maintenance cleaning for 10 minutes a day.

  21. says

    Not so much resolutions, but more of an effort at life organization…whether it’s blogging (that I’ve neglected for a couple of years!), organizing, experimenting with new recipes, going to church, etc. If I’m more organized in my time, I know there’s a lot that I can give and share. :) And, Happy New Year to you and yours!

  22. Wendy L. says

    Just stumbled on your site from the Pioneer Woman’s site. Yours look great too. My new year resolution is to live with less this year — I need to purge all the clutter in my life and give stuff away!

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