We’re Expecting

Something miraculous is happening at our house.

I wasn’t sure if it would ACTUALLY happen,

If it COULD actually happen…

I had my doubts it’s true.

But we’re expecting!

You see we’ve ALL been waiting…

waiting with bated breath. For days…even weeks now.

We’ve waited through the long warm Spring days and the (hopefully) not too cold nights.

We’ve waited as each little egg appeared in the nest.

Our nest, that I serendipitously discovered in a beach bag hanging in our garage the day before I launched this blog. It was a sign because I LOVE nests… ADORE them.

And now we wait because the nest is full.

One egg,

two egg,

three egg,


…and finally …


Five precious perfect little eggs full of hope and new life.

Each and every one of them remind me of  Life’s Little Wonders.

We’ve all taken turns climbing up and down the step stool just to get a sneak peak at the (now) five eggs.

So game’s over, we’re not expecting…

But rather, two darling little bubbly, happily chirping Carolina Wrens.

They are the proud parents.

But it sounded exciting for a moment thinking that “we” were expecting, right? It sounded exciting to me! (And My Yanni too).

Exciting for about five minutes. Then the REALITY of childbirth set in- the no sleep, where would we put a nursery, am I too old, who would win the name game and what about our insurance plan… put a screeching halt to the whole -wouldn’t it be fun to have a baby thing.

So, I’ve been vicariously living through Lina…

Doesn’t she just look like a “Lina?” (My sweet peas don’t think so either, but I’m the mom. So I win).

Day and night, night and day, little Lina has been diligently attending to her eggs, there is rarely a moment that she even dares to leave the nest. (We as moms all know what that feels like, right?)

And this handsome fellow?

This is the Proud Papa.

(And how do I know you ask? Well, if YOU don’t know, then I’M not gonna tell ya! )

His job is to flit and fly around all day (& let’s not forget sing) in that “oh my goodness there’s SO much to do before the brood arrives kind of way.”

My husband did the same thing,( including the singing) with both of our girls.

And this? This is Oliver, my suburban house cat that in between naps and lounging, believes that he is a stealth panther.

Waiting, planning, stalking…

and absolutely mesmerized by all of the flitting and singing and excitement that is going on outside this window.

But don’t you worry.

Oliver is just going to have to wait for the BIG DAY to come, along with all of the rest of us.

Stay tuned for part 2…


I’m so glad that you came for a visit! I’d LOVE to know about YOUR nest, egg, or bird stories!  Please feel free to share by leaving a comment below! Thanks!


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  1. Love this story…I’ve been through the same thing several times but have never seen the eggs. I like to decorate my back porch wall and put a birdbox on it a couple of years ago; just for looks. Well, it seems that chickadees prefer that location to it’s previous one…on a TREE! So we get to see the proud parents and we get to hear the chicks but then one day we’re empty nesters too but never see the babies; they are ungrateful inhabitants of our lives that leave without one word (or note I guess it would be).

    Two years ago we did have a house wren actually use a birdhouse on a tree; it was the tiniest bird but had the most beautiful song…wish he would come back. In the meantime I keep the feeders and the birdbath full and hope each spring that some young couple will come and share spring with us.

    Happy birthday to your blog and hoping you will soon see life settle a bit into a more normal rhythm for you and for your parents.

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