Go Get Lost in your Garden

I’m not quiet sure what possessed me to pick up my camera and venture into the backyard this weekend but I did.

In my nightgown, with a cup of coffee in one hand, my little digital camera in the other. It had rained over night, so the needed-to-be cut grass was very wet and very cold and my last minute choice of slipping on my favorite flip flops wasn’t looking like such a great idea. I was in the middle of contemplating weather or not I should just ditch the whole adventure when I noticed the row of lilies gently swaying in the morning breeze.

For an instant I wanted to just run right into that enchanting, vibrant green Lilly world.

But then I thought better of it. I was in my night gown (and that wouldn’t be very lady-like) and if I spilled my sacred first cup of coffee, well, then, quite simply the world would END- enchanting Lilly adventure or not.

I don’t know exactly what it was that I found so incredibly relaxing in my backyard, shivering in my night gown with my morning coffee. It may have been because the past week had been a long, wild and woolly one filled with many amazing firsts.

I have been learning things that I NEVER in a million ca-trillion years ever thought that I would be learning. Or even be able to learn. Especially now. When I’m 40…

(o.k. 41 ).

And a 1/2.

My mind has been somewhat overwhelmed, over stimulated, and basically, between you and me, I wouldn’t be surprised if it just went up into flames one of these days.

I’ve embraced the blogging world and jumped in with not just one foot, or even two feet, no sir-ee, but rather my WHOLE body, because that’s just who I am, a whole body jumper inner.

I have become consumed with learning everything I can about social media networking, photo shopping, photography-ing, (I know it’s not a real word, just go with it) learning how to set up various computer accounts with passwords that I pray I’ll remember. I’ve been wrapped up in learning how to use my camera the right way, with the right flash and the right settings and the right way to make food look appealing. (and not like something that my dog would gladly to eat).

At the same time, I have ideas that constantly march through my head at lightning speed, ideas about stories and projects for my next post. I have little notebooks, lots of little notebooks that I carry with me everywhere I go.

And lists, lots and lots of lists but that’s a story for another day.

Don’t get me wrong…I adore what I’m doing! I just have to find balance – beautiful, lovely, harmonious balance.

So maybe I actually do know why I was drawn into the peaceful tranquility of my wet and cold backyard after all.

I got lost outside of myself and it was magical.

So magical in fact, that I wanted to share it with all of you.


It just looks like tranquility on a stem, doesn’t it?

I’d just like to crawl right in.

Which is exactly what this little fellow was thinking, I’m sure.

I love the antenna vibrating frantically as he was struggling to get to the drop.

(I know the feeling)

Or instead, maybe he’ll just sit on it for awhile…

(I’ve honestly never seen a bug sit on a water drop!)

I was feeling very relaxed and ready to head back into the house for my second cup of coffee, when I noticed this…

Looks like a magical fairy kingdom, doesn’t it?

Isn’t nature amazing? Couldn’t you just jump right in?

Refreshing, for the mind, body and soul.

Sometimes a little refreshing rain, and an early morning walk in the garden with a cup of coffee (in you night gown) is all you need.

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life and elevating them to an art.” ~William Morris

I could not agree more…

and you don’t even have to leave suburbia.

Now go get lost in your garden.



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