Trash to Treasure


I love to go antiquing.

There is something so magical and medicinal about rising early with the sun, grabbing a cup of coffee and forging out in search of treasures just waiting patiently to be found.

It’s all about the hunt.

The anticipation…mixed with imagination that just sets my soul on fire.

I LOVE it.

I also love to piddle around in my flower beds. When I stumble upon a treasure that I can enjoy outside amongst my flowers beds I am filled with glee!

Last summer I found this chandelabra while antiquing and I shared how easy it is to make when talking about Dining Al Fresco in Style.

Today I’d like to share another cherished find.

A flower cart. A rusty…metal…flower cart.

But it’s not just any ordinary flower cart.

With a little imagination, a simple sanding,

and some spray primer and paint, you, my friends, can have this…

a darling, charming entertaining cart. It’s got wheels for easy transportation, two shelves to fill with all sorts of goodies and can be enjoyed for entertaining inside or out!

I even found that enamel bowl while out treasure hunting…

Oh and that sweet vintage glass holder too! I switch out the glasses to match whatever color palette I may be using!

Antiquing and treasure hunting has become a hobby of mine.

Go ahead…venture out with an open mind and a full imagination!

The possibilities are endless!

Happy Hunting!



Married my soulmate. Mama of 2. Love to inspire. Can't help but to relish in all things beautiful inside & out. Join me in Savoring the Art of Living.


  1. Your makeovers with your antique finds are beautiful. Love the vintage look you gave your yard with the chandelabra. Treasure hunting is fun, especially when you find something you love and someone is able to give you a little storied history about it. Makes it a little more personal when you bring it home and make it your own.

  2. I love your finds, Wendy. I agree, nothing like a bargain. It’s such a thrill.

    I was driving home yesterday and thought about how I have not been to any yard sales this summer. So unusual for me.

    I’d love to go with you, though!

    Miss you. Thinking about you lots ….

    • Hi Chris! Thank you so much! No, it wasn’t difficult to sand off the rust at all! Just a few minutes with some sand paper did the trick. I like my finish to look a little vintage so I didn’t get mine totally smooth on purpose. Just make sure the wipe off the rust dust with a towel before priming and painting.

  3. That flower cart transformation is nothing short of amazing. Would you mind telling me if it came from a garage sale, estate sale, etc….? I have lots of trouble looking at things and envisioning what they could be….but your flower cart story has given me some ideas.

  4. I wish I had the patience to go antiquing, really.
    This past weekend I ended up at this giant flea market and I thought I was in hades. I don’t have an eye like yours…I would never have looked twice at that flower cart and look what you did with it…such a great find!!
    Can I hire you to come antiquing with me?

  5. hi wenderly,
    i found you via roadkill rescue and i just had to visit! i have that exact cart…found at a barn sale but mine is black. i’ve used mine on our deck and porch for holding food, beverages and yes, even flowers. i love how the cart folds up when not in use. it had already been re-painted but me thinks that no primer was used as it is peeling off, so i’m letting it until i can fix it up next spring.
    definitely going back to look around your blog.

  6. I’m trying to redo a metal cart but no nothing about salvaging rusted metal. I think the rust has gone through the first layer– is it still salvageable? Thanks!

    • Hi Michele!

      I would think that it is still salvageable! The surface will probably be a little uneven but I tend to like that look because I think that it gives the piece add charm. Make sure to give it a good cleaning (with a rust remover) and a few layers of primer first too! Good luck and have fun!

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