The Top 4 Do’s & Don’ts at a Water Park

Sooooo, this past weekend I chaperoned my daughter’s Brownie troop while on an over night at a water park. I know what you must be thinking, “are you nuts?” I must admit that the same thought  fluttered through my mind over the past few weeks in anticipation of the big event! But you know what? It was truly a delightful experience. Really. Honestly. However, I did learn a few things about “what to do” and “what not to do” while sleeping over at a water park, with or with out a group of 20 some happy little campers.

Oh dear, did I just say “campers?” <gasp>

The thought of a tent and a cot and nothing but a flap of fabric for a door being all that separates me from the hot, buggy, humid, “natural ” conditions is almost more than I can bear.

O.k. after letting myself go there (in a tent) I guess that this water park stuff seems like child’s play. Nevertheless, I feel that you will all benefit from my suggestions.


1. Bring Starbucks VIA packets
First and foremost you simply MUST take a Starbucks VIA packet (or 3) with you for your caffeine consumption enjoyment. If you don’t drink coffee, trust me, you will and if you’ve never heard of such a thing, well then I’m here to enlighten you. VIA is a nifty little one serving of microground coffee that actually tastes like coffee. Not the inside of a stinky trash can on a hot summers day. Even better, you can use it with cold water or hot water and get proper dissolve results. I’ve also been experimenting with some recipes that involve VIA, stay tuned for those little gems.

2. Wear Flip Flops
Seems pretty obvious right? Well I’m not just talking about wearing flip flops around the pool. I learned at a very young age (about the same time that it was instilled in me to no-matter-what-make-my-bed-every-day) that there are things lurking in public showers that are only spoken of in whispered tones. Sadly, since I could never quite hear what my mom was saying, I cannot pass on what exactly those things are. All I do know is that it isn’t good. Not good at all. So after dutifully making my bed (every morning including vacations & Brownie sleepovers) and of course wearing flip flops because why would I stand on hotel carpet with bare feet? You better bet that my feet continue to stay fully “flopped” as it they step into the shower. Period.

3. Make Sure to Take Plenty of Water
Take plenty of water, especially if you decide to keep your bathing suit neatly folded in your suit case to ensure that there is no possible chance that you’ll have to step foot in the water. It’s hot in there. I mean like deep, deep, New Orleans muggy hot in there. You’ll need water and plenty of it. Just make sure not to plop yourself in front of the fountains (as seen in photo above) unless you’ve properly staked out the closest restroom facilities that you can get to in a hurry. And for what it’s worth, go ahead and inform all the kiddies of the closest restroom facilities as well, maybe they’ll use them. Again, in case your bathing suit is neatly folded in your suitcase

4. Encourage the Kids to use the Slides as Much as Possible
I’m assuming that if you are going to a water park, especially over night, that you have children with you. If you don’t, well then I’ll just apologize in advance on behalf of those of us who do – for the chaos that you will have to face with all of the other 432 kids that will be there. If you are indeed childless feel free to apply my suggestion to yourself. The slides are BIG the steps are MANY. To me this is the PERFECT combination for extreme exhaustion and a better chance for cough, cough sleep later on.


1. Don’t Stand in Warm Water
If you happen to be brave enough to actually put a bathing suit ON and GET IN the water, well then I only have one thing to say. Good Luck and don’t stand in warm water.

2. Don’t Wear Jeans.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can be cute and comfy in jeans (rolled up into capris) and a tee shirt. Ohhh no. It is about 110 degrees and 100% humidity in those water parks and if you are too stubborn to wear a bathing suit (like moi) may I suggest that you wear as little as humanly possible while still being “mom appropriate.” Like a sheer thin moo moo would be perfect, but since I don’t own one, shorts and a tee shirt will suffice.

3. Don’t Expect to have a Conversation Longer than 3 Words
Call me crazy, but in my delusional mind, I was looking forward to a nice chit chat with the other moms who were there to assist. Talk about wishful thinking. Just imagine those 432 kids screaming, all at the same time, in a large room that echos more efficiently than the Swiss Alps AND has about 50 plus water fountains and sprayers not to mention a HUGE bucket that dumps gazillions of gallons of water every 5 minutes onto more screaming with glee kiddos. Definitely doesn’t make for good conversation.

4. Don’t Forget to have Fun
While I’ll admit that an over night at a water park isn’t exactly my idea of a get away (unless they had massages, now THAT would be brilliant wouldn’t it?) I want to point out that even in the humid, loud sweltering chaos the time spent with my daughter while on a new adventure together was priceless. The memories that were made will be some that we will both cherish for years to come.

So now befitting of the Girl Scout motto “be prepared”…

You my friend are prepared.

So what are you afraid of?


Do you have an fun over night stories to share! I’d sure LOVE to hear them!


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  1. Glad to see you made it through the experience with your sanity, hair and funny bone still intact 🙂 Actually I am sure that you all had a wonderful time and the brownies will treasure those memories from the trip for a lifetime.

  2. I’m doing a brownie/girl scout overnight with my 6 year old this summer IN A TENT. I know.. totally got suckered into it. It is only one night. I can handle it, right? Right??

    Hope you had fun!

    • Yes, Kristen I’m SURE that you can handle it!! (but better you than me) Did I just say that out loud? JK! You’re an AWESOME mom! And thanks, we had a blast!

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