Spring In Suburbia

Spring is one of my favorite seasons and this is why…

Finally, all of the long, dark, dreary, cold of Winter just seems to melt away with the snow.

It’s like I get seasonal amnesia or something.

For months I whine and complain about how cold I am…

and how many LESS minutes of daylight we have…

how much I STRONGLY DISLIKE all of the slush and salt that gets trampled into my house…

and how many more times I can tolerate wiping my dog’s feet after he goes in and out for the gazillionth time…

and how will I make it through ONE-MORE-all-the-kids-at-home-bored-on-a-snow-day??

And then all of a sudden, when I’m quiet sure that therapy is eminent, I walk out my door, right here, smack dab in the middle of suburbia…

and see this…

and this…

and this!

And I’m reminded of all of life’s possibilities. I mean, if these fragile, delicate, little hosta leaves can push through this hard, cold, ground then I can surely push through MY life’s challenges, right?

And hold on to the hope that Spring brings.

Even if I feel like a red tulip in the middle of a Day Lilly patch sometimes.

I can find reassurance in the spectacular display of Spring in all her GLORY. It’s the promise of a new beginning, a fresh start and a warm reminder of what’s in store.

Even if that does include wiping Oakley’s face of the fresh Spring mud.

Wishing you a Spring in your step as well as your heart!


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  1. I love the pictue of Oakley, with the amount of yellow pollen down here…I am now wiping down Marcel w/ a wet cloth…he hates it!

  2. Wait a minute…how do you have a dog AND mulch? My dog eats my mulch, or digs it up into the yard where it gets sucked up by the mower and chucked at someone’s unsuspecting shins.

    • Ohhh, no worries, my dog could double as a goat! He ADORES mulch, that’s why he shows up to my door full of mud. No mulch left to cover the mud, but since it’s Spring, I don’t even care!

  3. How inspirational on this dreary morning in Wisconsin, after a warm spring vacation. I will not complain today. I will walk my Annie Oakley and wipe her paws with a smile! Thanks for making me smile.

  4. Love the single tulip shot. And your doggie – so cute. We have a Cairn Terrior – Haggis!

    Thanks for linking up to RE today!

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