Have a Starbucks and a SMILE!

Today started just like any other. Woke up. Stumbled into the kitchen, turned on coffee pot ( Starbucks, of course) and considered sticking my head (with mouth open) under the stream of hot java rather than the carafe.

Assisted the kiddos – animals -breakfast mess – lunches – school work – back packs AND finally out- the- door.

Next on the agenda…the gym.

UGH, the gym. Not today, I’m too tired, it’s raining and I have a gazillion things “To Do.”

But, before I realized what I was doing, I was driving to the gym in the rain.


BUT, I got a decent spot  (I’m all about good parking spots, especially front spots….more on that later)! Wrapped up chatting with my mom, put the car in park, looked up and noticed a new sign – “Parking for Salon Only! Others Will Be Towed”

But it’s raining. This was a GOOD spot. Evidently the good spot mojo wasn’t with me today.

I made it in to the gym, at least my favorite machine was empty…(O.k. mojo was coming back) – ipod on, stretch, (crack, snap, pop…not the body it used to be) and I was on my merry way. Instantly the music filled my head and my body followed. I was getting into the groove.

And maybe, just maybe, there was a little air guitar going on.

I was on a roll…until the blasted machine went back to start! WHAT!?! I had NO CLUE how long I had been all arms pumping and sweat flying and singing (inside my head I hope). 20 minutes? 15? 30? So I started the whole thing over…

Only to have it happen again.

I was honked  (to say the least). But I finished the workout…hopped in my car and drove to destination #2 of my day.


Oh my Starbucks how I love thee…

I mean The Statue of Liberty has her torch.

Venus has her shell.

Joan of Arc had her sword.

I have my Starbucks…in hand…every day.

It could be worse.

This is how I start my everyday.

This is what I order.

Venti half caf with cream and a venti water (must stay well hydrated as well as caffeinated).

But you know what the best part is? Besides the warm, delicious, rich goodness that I can never seem to replicate at home that is. It’s the people who work there that make Starbucks what it is. The personal customer service and care that is poured into each cup.

There have been days when I’ve pulled into the parking lot all tangled up in the drama of life, (too many to count in the past year) on the phone with a loved one who’s informing me that I need to meet them at the ER. I’m not sure why I always end up in the parking lot of Starbucks, probably because I secretly hope that holding onto that cup of coffee will somehow give me strength. And do you know what? Every single time as I sit there trying to wipe the mascara from my eyes, magically a barista appears beside my window holding my venti half caf. They deliver MY coffee to ME for free. I kid you not. Baristas may come and go but one thing remains the same, the quality of care that they give is as good as the quality of coffee that they serve.

Today started out not so fabulous.

But by the time I walked out of Starbucks, I had my coffee AND a smile.

Wishing you the same!



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