An Evening with Orville & Sandra Dee (and a Giveaway)


After a looooooooong week I’m always ready to just crash. But somehow it never quite seems to work out that way. You see I’ve got two sweet little girls…well, actually a 10 yr old and a teenager.

*cough, cough*

How on earth it is possible that I have a teenager I’ll never know.

But let’s just say that trying to decide what to do each weekend that appeals to each of the four family members in my home has become, well, downright impossible.

That was until Orville Redenbacher came back into my life. Remember him? Takes me back to my teen days and the commercials that would echo throughout the house…”or my name isn’t Orville Redenbacher” while I was dramatically delivering MY own plea to my parents about wanting to see MY friends NOT hang with the family.

Le sigh.

What comes around goes around.

You see I was invited to try some the Orville Redenbacher “Pop & Win” microwave popcorn recently and my mind began racing. I decided that it would be the perfect bribe addition to a family movie night! So I informed the kids that there would be plenty of popcorn…

and that they would get to pick the movie…

(gulp) and a family night was set into motion. To my delight they decided on one of my all time favorite movie musicals -“GREASE.”

I was a happy mama.

In between the countless sing-a-longs by myself & My Yanni (and occasional eye-rolling by the children) we all had fun taking turns tossing the bags of popcorn into the microwave and waiting in suspense to see if we had won!

The kids soon started to realize that it wasn’t all that bad spending time with the rents.


And then guess what? After about 3 bags of popping…


And then they really started realizing that it wasn’t that bad spending time with the rents.

We won 50 free prints from Snapfish Photo! How cool is that?!? One in every six bags is a winner! And you have a chance to win Wii™ console and games, HDTVs, laptops, movies and more!

The nice folks at Orville Redenbacher even included these darling popcorn boxes and some movie candy too!

Would you just look at that gorgeous popcorn?


Our Friday movie night was complete. And everyone was happy.

With a little bit of, Look at me I’m Sandra Dee

and… Together foreverrrrrrr, like shoo bop doo wadda wadda yippity boom de boom….

I’m pretty sure that it’s safe to say, a family movie night paired with some delish Orville Redenbacher popcorn sure does go together like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong…

I’ll stop now.

O.k. time for the giveaway!

One winner will receive the Pop & Win microwave popcorn, the darling popcorn boxes, some movie candy AND one Redbox code for a free movie! Just leave me a comment telling me your favorite song from Grease and don’t worry if you’ve never seen the movie, you can just tell me what YOUR all time favorite movie is!

That’s easy enough, right?

Giveaway starts today, Friday March 11, 2011 and will end Monday March 14, 2011 at midnight. I will announce one lucky winner on Tuesday!

Good Luck and have a great weekend!

Hopefully it won’t zip by like, GREASE Lightnin’.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.


Thanks to the nice folks at Orville Redenbacher for sponsoring this fun giveaway!

We have a winner!

I LOVED reading all of your answers, sounds like everyone has a favorite song from the movie Grease!

Would love to have a sing-a-long with all of right now…

But don’t worry I won’t. It’s time to reveal the winner of the Orville Redenbacher giveaway.

Are ya ready?

It was… Jennifer!

Who said- โ€œYouโ€™re the one that I wantโ€

Congratulations Jennifer! I’ll be emailing you with the prize details!

Thanks everyone this sure was FUN!


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  1. Hum… I think I like the slow song that she sings outside in her nightgown… but I cant recall the name!! *baby brain*


  2. Summer Nights, without a doubt!! What teenage girl didn’t dream of that all summer long; looking for our John Travolta at the local pool!

    A little bit of trivia…many of us refer to this song as “Summer Lovin” ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I used to love that movie! I remember my girlfriends and I would watch and re-watch Grease so we could sing along each time. I don’t know if I even remember the lyrics anymore but two of my favorite songs were “Summer Nights” and “You’re the One that I want”.

  4. You’re the only one that I want — yah yah yah….. It is best that you cannot hear me singing right now!

  5. Oh wow….that is a toughie….my favorite movie of all time!!! Probably “You’re the One that I Want”…..oh no! “Look at Me, I’m Sandra See!” That’s it!

  6. Hopelessly devoted….so dramatic. As a teenager I would belt this tune out (out of tune, I am sure) until my parents wold tell me to pipe down. LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! And the popcorn would be great, I am getting braces next week and am a rebel rule breaker (not a huge popcorn fan but being faced with giving it up really makes me crave it).

  7. Without a doubt “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” I wanted that nightgown, and that pink bow, and that blond hair. That’s when I was young…

    Now, I watch the movie and I want that backyard landscaping.

  8. I’ve always loved Grease and glad I got to this post because I first read that as Sandra Lee and was expecting some sort of popcorn cake. It’s true!

    Favorite song…I have to admit I always felt the most when Stockard Channing sang ‘There are Worse Things I Could Do” – sort of a peek inside her not so tough girl persona.

    Sounds like a fun night…and a memory for me of ‘those’ days…ah, raising a teen. Such fun.

  9. My favorite song was always the Hand Jive! Me and my sister would always dance along! That is definitely an all time favorite movie for me growing up!

  10. Oh how fun! My favorite song from Grease is “You’re the One that I Want”. Is it bad that I kinda love the cheese that is Grease 2 just as much? Michelle Pfeiffer for the win.

  11. That’s too funny! My 12 and 11 yr olds love “Grease”! i think they watch it once a month, with us or without us. In the beginning we felt a bit hurt and excluded, but Now we are glad that they can plunge back into the past and enjoy a movie that is so removed from their generation. I think that they know all the songs by heart:)

    And the movie sends me back to a really great period of my life. It has to be “Summer Nights” aboce all the others for me:)

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