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Sequined Easter Eggs Tutorial

This sequined Easter eggs tutorial will show you how to make exquisite decorative eggs that you can use to adorn your home for years to come.

Sequined Easter Eggs Tutorial

I’ve been making these beautiful sequined eggs with my elementary students at school for years now. Every Spring I pull out the foam shaped eggs, sequins and straight pins and we go to town chatting and sharing stories whilst we create a magnificent specimen out of layered colorful circles held together with pins. I cherish this special time with my students. We sit together working quietly as our imaginations slowly unfold in a relaxed repetition of jewel-like splendor.

Sequined Easter Eggs Tutorial

Some students choose to make their egg into patterns of color, some choose a solid palette, while others cover the surface with a myriad of sizes, shapes and colors of sequins. There is no wrong or right way. Each egg comes to life at the hands of unique individuals who take the time to sit and create them. And each egg is as beautiful as the individual who creates them. And I tell them so.

Sequined Easter Eggs Tutorial

I love watching their faces glow in self discovery and awe of what their each capable of.  Most of the children can’t sit still for more than five minutes, but this project can capture them and entice them into a creative trance. And the end result of their hard work and dedication is truly priceless…

Sequined Easter Eggs Tutorial

just like each one of the beautiful children I am so fortunate to know and teach.

Items you’ll need to make sequined Easter eggs ::

  • Foam shaped eggs found at any craft store
  • Multicolored sequins, I like to get various sizes for layering
  • Flathead push pins

Take time to sit down with those you love and create something together. You’ll be surprised by the beauty that unfolds.

Happy creating,



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I love this idea…..My child is home schooled and I am constantly looking for crafts to do with her….this will be great. Thanks

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