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How To Make Bath Bombs For Easter

Let me show you how to make bath bombs to pamper your loved ones this Easter! Fill baskets with egg shaped capsules that will turn their bath into a luxurious soak.

How To Make Bath Bombs For Easter

Spring is the perfect time to pamper someone special with some precious bath bombs. Why not give them (or yourself) a reason to take a luxurious soak. Once you see how to make bath bombs you’ll be making them for every fun occasion. You can personalize them in thousands of ways and come up with endless combinations of shapes, colors and scents! How about soft pastel shaped eggs filled with sprinkles and flower petals to melt away the post winter blahs?

How To Make Bath Bombs For Easter

There’s nothing more relaxing than a tub filled with pink and purple sweet pea scented water with floating flower petals. Heaven on earth I tell you! The epsom salts and olive oil will caress your skin, rejuvenate achy, sore muscles and get your body ready for shorts and bathing suit season! (Eeep! It’s almost shorts and bathing suit season!) 

How To Make Bath Bombs For Easter

Step into Spring feeling relaxed, refreshed and pampered. And make sure to treat all your friends and family this Easter to some beautiful bath bombs filled with sweet surprises.

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Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

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