I woke this morning with my mind already working on a million different tasks. Before the coffee had even been perked and my lips had wrapped themselves around the warm steamy edge of my very favorite coffee mug, my subconscious had pulled up a chair, sat down and proceeded to run through a list a mile long. By the time I had dropped Sweet Cheeks off at school tiny beads of sweat were collecting across my forehead, my stomach was tied in knots and I was in the midst of holiday chaos.

I was decking the halls that need to be decked.

Baking the goodies that need to be baked.

Wrapping the gifts that need to be bought.


Writing the Christmas cards that need to be written, addressed, stamped and sent.

AND I achieved all of this while adding more lights to the already decorated tree that had a dark spot on the fourth branch from the bottom, 32nd branch from the top on the lefthand side.


Did I mention that this all happened within a few hours?


I mean seriously people. Self talk/mental-multitasking can be exhausting.

Do you know what saved me from myself? The mailman. The very same mailman that could have been delivering the invisible Christmas cards that I had written in my own head.

I heard the familiar sound of the mail truck squeak to a stop in front of my house and I instantly dropped all of the internal conversation and ran to open the front door with glee.

Only to run squarely into the wreath that was hanging there…

I’m pretty sure that I still have the glitter on my nose to prove it.

I was hit squarely between the eyes by what has been knocking on my door the whole time.



In an instant all of the stress, mental-multitasking and self talk just vanished. My mind filled with images of my precious children, loving husband, wonderful parents, incredible sister and the many joys that make my life complete.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it takes a head-on collision with a wreath full of joy to make sense of it all.

So remember:

The halls will get decked. The goodies will get baked. The gifts will be bought. And the cards will get written.

For now I’m going to pour another cup of coffee and open the door to let all of the JOY in.