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Dill Dip Recipe

A creamy delicious dill dip served with crisp bright veggies makes for a stunning appetizer that speaks to the tastebuds as well as the eyes!

Dill Dip Recipe

Dill dip has always been one of my favorites. I can never seem to get enough of that tangy dill taste mixed with the creamy dip. Add a bunch of

crisp flavorful vegetables to the mix and I’m almost tempted to skip the main coarse and just indulge in the appetizer. Almost. The good thing about this fresh rainbow of a first coarse is its ability to get the tastebuds warmed up and ready to go without all the heavy and filling side effects of other before meal treats.

Dill Dip RecipeDill Dip Recipe

This veggie and dill dip tray was my contribution to Easter this past Sunday and I must say that it was a hit! I decided to use rainbow carrots for some added pizzaz and a bowl made out of purple cabbage worked brilliantly as a vessel to hold the dill dip! It was so easy to make.

Dill Dip RecipeHow to make a cabbage bowl ::

  • Cut a head of green or purple cabbage in half with a large, sharp knife
  • with a smaller knife, cut a circle around the inside edge of the cabbage half (leaving at least a half inch circumference of the cabbage)
  • next, cut the inside circle of cabbage in a crisscross pattern and scoop out the cabbage with a large spoon
  • fill with dill dip

Treat yourself and those you love to some scrumptious dill dip and a rainbow of your favorite crisp bright veggies. It only takes minutes to put this stunning healthy and yummy appetizer together.

Hope your day is bright & beautiful,


Here’s the dill dip recipe ::

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That is the most colorful plate of food I have ever seen! It is art.

I make dill dip & dill salad dressing a lot. My recipe is similar to yours, except for the garlic. I’m going to try it with some fresh garlic.


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