The Great Pumpkin

Today, in honor of it being the first day of October, (which happens to be my Daddy’s birthday, Happy Birthday Daddy!) I am honoring the glorious pumpkin.

I love pumpkins. I love decorating with pumpkins. I love growing pumpkins, except for the fact that they take over my entire yard. I love carving pumpkins. I love eating the roasted seeds of pumpkins. I love the many variations of pumpkins.

From the very moment that pumpkins hit the market I am in search of the *perfect* pumpkin, or in my case, pumpkins. There are so many fantastic and unusual shapes, colors and sizes to choose from that I can’t possibly be expected to choose just one. Right? One must take into consideration the stem, the color, how the two compliment one another, the texture and generally the all-around personality of the pumpkin. It’s serious business folks. And I take my pumpkin hunting very seriously.

I mean would you just take a look at this darling little tiger pumpkin?

Have you ever seen anything so dear?

Would you look at how precious they look marching along in a row of three?

Now take this Cinderella pumpkin. I know, I know, the name is perfect.

Can’t you just imagine it turning into the magical coach that is drawn by white horses on the way to ball? And the color is magnificent isn’t it?

Speaking of white, look at THIS fantastical specimen. Doesn’t it just scream Halloween? And the stem…stop it. It’s down right ornery isn’t it?

Talk about personality.

The stem just says it all…

This is my kind of pumpkin.

I could play around with pumpkins all day long. And don’t be fooled, I have. You should too for that matter! Hope you stick around because I’m planning on showing you just how to “Deck Your Halls For Fall” next week. And guess what? Pumpkins are a crucial yet affordable component of doing just that!

Look how fun they look together!

If you’re out and about this weekend, I encourage you to find some delightful little pumpkins to adorn your home with! You’ll be glad you did!

Happy Hunting!



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  1. I love pumpkins, too! ALL of them! The stem on that white one is so cool.

    Have you ever used a melon baller on the outside of the white ones? Not going all the way through, it makes perfect orange polka dots! 🙂

    Happy October, Wendy!

  2. Love it Wendy! And the white pumpkin with that stem is to die for! We have friends who have had a pumpkin farm for 40 years now; they grow them and set them out to sell alongside the road. Huge ones that you need a tractor to move, little bitty ones for down the center of your table and every size in between. Your photos are lovely too!

  3. Those are fabulous! And that stem!! Amazing. It’s like a scary bird scolding somebody. Great pictures and great pumpkins. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yet another reason we are friends, last week I bought a ton of pumpkins and gourds, love them and it just says fall to me. My cinderella pumpkin looks identical to the one you posted…too funny! I am jealous of your white pumpking, the stem is awesome. I think we may be leading parallel lives.

    Hope all is well!

  5. I’m right there with you…I love pumpkins so much. They always put a huge smile on my face! I love decorating the house with pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors. Last night my husband and I picked up two pumpkins for us, as well as two smaller pumpkins for our two dogs (aka kids). I’m in love with all four of them…and their awesome stems!

  6. I love your photos of the pumpkins!! There is just something about all of their different shapeas and colors that make you want to collect pumpkins & gourds 🙂

  7. Love your post about pumpkins. Ran across it while researching white pumpkins to replicate in white chocolate for some wedding cupcakes… A stroke of serendipity <3

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