Sweet Disposition

I find that the older I get, the more I seem to turn to my window for inspiration. There are days that I crave sunshine and blue skies more than anything in the world.

I don’t know what it is. But the warm golden sunshine just seems to melt away all of the stress and cobwebs that have a tendency to wrap themselves around me like a straight jacket.

It can be paralyzing at times.

Being all wrapped up in cobwebs and stress.

I don’t like it. Not one bit.

Last weekend as I was gazing out my window absorbing as much golden sunshine as humanly possible, I realized how stunning our dogwood tree was.

What a sweet disposition it seemed to have.

All of the cheerful blooms where bursting with color and looked as if they were gathering in celebration. A sunshine celebration.

I stopped for a moment.

Just a few weeks before this same tree stood barren.

Just a trunk with branches.

And bark.


But now…

Pink, delicate petals dressed the tree in splendid attire.

Not a trace of barren to been seen.

Not one ho-hum.

Just a sweet disposition.

This darling little dogwood tree was practically singing…

as the golden sunlight danced amidst its blooms.

I pondered that little tree for quite some time.

It was so seemingly forgiving of the relentless Winter that had taken all of its’ glory away. It was amazingly unaffected by all of the cold rainy days prior. It was just relishing the moment. Dancing in the sunshine. Heads held up to the light.

Last year I wrote about how this very same tree taught me to “Be Still“.

This year I’m reminded of the glory that comes with sweet disposition…

Every day… .

Rain or shine.



Married my soulmate. Mama of 2. Love to inspire. Can't help but to relish in all things beautiful inside & out. Join me in Savoring the Art of Living.


  1. omgosh! those pictures are amazing!! Spring and I hate a love/hate relationship..love the warmth and colors and flowers…HATE the pollen!
    The post is inspiring..you made me smile!

  2. Oh, I LOVE these pictures! I’ve been doing a lot of looking out my window, too. I’ve been watching a caterpillar on my fennel plant get bigger and BIGGER! Maybe if we get some RAIN, our flowers will bloom. 😉

  3. “A dogwood right in that corner.” I’ve said that directive to my husband re: our front lawn so many times that even my 3-year old points them out when we’re driving and says THAT’S the tree we need in the corner of our lawn. I’ll forward him this post and get moving on the dogwood plan 🙂 Beautiful.

  4. Thanks for the ray of sunshine today, Wendy. We have a dogwood outside our window and I love to watch it bloom. Your pink dogwood is spectacular (and so are the photos)!

  5. I literally got chills. So beautiful. I love finding peace and inspiration in nature. I often find things beautiful while I’m looking outside my back porch (coffee cup in hand of course!). ♥- K

  6. Your heartfelt sentiments are the perfect compliment to these stunning photographs. Delicate yet so powerful.

    Spring has been wet and cold here and I was so delighted last week to see that my garden is finally starting to sprout and the tiny buds are bursting forth on my magnolia tree. There is nothing like seeing fragile green buds working their way up and out from the ground after a long harsh winter to remind one that through adversity comes great strength and beauty.

  7. What a gorgeous tree. It looks like the one my parents have in their yard and makes me long for the end of this week. We don’t expect to see the sun again until Monday, and the weather wont get above 60 before then either 🙁

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