Summer Kick-Off Cookout with Bush’s Grillin’ Beans

Summer is almost here.

The intoxicating aroma of fresh cut grass is filling the air…

the gentle hum of air conditioners accompany the joyful songbirds chatter…

and my Grill Master is ready to… get his grill on.

Summer and grilling just seem to go hand and hand, don’t they?

I’ve been invited to join with Bush’s® Grillin’ Beans to host a summer kick-off cookout (say that 3 times fast) and you’re invited to enjoy the fun! I am so excited to show you how simple it is to throw a delicious cookout Wenderly style, especially when you’ve got Bush’s Grillin’ Beans at your finger tips!

When I think of cookouts, I think of tradition, family and fabulous food and that’s exactly what I plan on serving up! I’m still working on the specific details of my meal but I can tell you that after tapping into my fondest childhood memories a fabulous flank steak will be on the menu!

And guess what? There’s more…the kind folks at Bush’s Beans are providing a beautiful cookout kit for me to giveaway to one very luck reader! And trust me, you don’t want to miss it! I’ll be giving you all the delicious details about the cookout and giveaway in the near future, so be sure to stop back!

Until then, let all of your senses be tantalized by the sweet promises of summer…

And get ready to Get Your Grill On!


Disclaimer: The cookout and giveaway are in partnership with Bush’s Grillin’ Beans.




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  1. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us, hope there’s some juicy corn on the cob to go with those beans 🙂

  2. Summer? Really? I’m going to be doing my cookouts in boots and ski gear if Colorado doesn’t get with the program soon. You say air conditioners are humming while I still hear my furnace running!

  3. Yum that sounds amazing – I can’t wait for a good flank steak recipe! And congrats on being selected for the cookout, that is so exciting! Thanks for the happy summer post, it can’t come soon enough!!! 🙂

  4. Let’s get the party started 🙂 Bring out the grill and the Bush’s Baked Beans Yummy!

  5. I am so ready – actually i couldn’t wait i have been grilling in 40+ degrees for a few weeks 🙂 Looking forward to the recipes.

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