Prince Sweet Pea

I have a friend who’s expecting a little sweet pea, a sweet pea prince if you will, in less than a month.

Her name is Maria and she and her husband, Josh, have the most beautiful blog called Two Peas & Their Pod. They whip up the most fabulous food! I met Maria through twitter and had the pleasure of meeting her in real life last fall at Blogher Food. Let me tell you, she is the sweetest little sweet pea you’d ever want to know.

And so now she’s expecting…

a little sweet pea of her own.

What was once two…

now becomes three.

A group of bloggers have gotten together to celebrate Maria and her soon-to-come sweet pea with a virtual baby shower!


I knew right away that I wanted to design some baby cards for the special occasion. But not just any baby cards…sweet pea baby cards.

I had such fun coming up with all of the sweet pea designs.

Especially the baby sweet pea bib,

and tiny itty bitty sweet pea onesie.

Kinda makes me miss my little sweet peas that are now BIG sweet peas. *sniff*

All you need are some simple supplies. Some craft glue, sparkle glue, silky string, tiny little beads,

a hole punch, some letter punches,

and colored and patterned papers and linen fabric (no pictured).

Mix all those goodies together with some good old fashioned imagination

and you’ve got yourself a perfect little sweet pea card package that can be used as thank you notes by mama or put into a frame to decorate the nursery!

Can’t WAIT to meet your precious little sweet pea prince, Maria! I’ll be sending you your bundle of cards to enjoy just as soon as possible!




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  1. I couldnt adore these more Wendy… you are SO talented. I wish I had words to describe it!! I am just blown away by how beautiful these are!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Those cards are the cutest thing ever! Thanks so much for thinking of us! We are so excited for our little pea to come. Your friendship means the world. Love to you!

    • Wendy, I’m in full agreement with Kristen! These are precious and you really should open a shop on Etsy. They would fly off the shelves. Way too adorable!

  3. I think these are adorable and I believe that a hand-made card is especially loved and appreciated. You certainly have a beautiful talent.

  4. You have serious talent. I love these. LOVE. Any expectant mother would be thrilled to tears to get such a lovingly crafted gift.

  5. These cards are gorgeous! I love the idea of framing them for the nursery. What a cute little arrangement that would make!

  6. OMG… are such an amazing artist! I have been wanting to find a quiet moment all day to dash over here to see your post. Wendy, you are amazingly gifted. Each of these cards is stunning and filled with love. Thanks so much for participating and being such a great friend to us all 🙂

  7. Oh, man, how did I miss getting over here on Wed? These are amazing, girl. You are so talented …. I just wish we could have all been together in real life for Josh and Maria. Such fun! Love you and happy weekend!

  8. Dang girl, you are so talented, these cards are incredible!! Forget the paper stores, I’d pay top dollar for these, no question. Thank you, thank you for making these and for joining in on all the baby shower fun, I just loved your contribution! xo

  9. Wendy, You just can’t throw your cards away. I know I have received some of your work and they are just to cherish forever.

  10. Such an adorable idea. Even if I didn’t have a “sweet pea” on the way, I would love the cards. Thanks for sharing. Nancy in So Cal

  11. I made the card with the words Sweet Pea XXXXX, with the X being the childs last name. On the inside I wrote: To X and X and X as you wait for your Sweet Pea to grow. The card was delightful. Without you, I could not have created it.

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