The Present Of Presence

The Present of Presence

Yesterday my sister invited our entire family to attend a church Christmas concert.

I walked in wrapped up in thought about all of the presents that still had to be found, bought, and tied up in ribbons and bows.

But as I sat there listening to the glorious music and the magnificent message that was being delivered from the hearts of the people in the choir, I could hear God whispering in my ear…

“It’s not the presents that matter, Wendy, it’s My presence and the presence of those you love that matter.”

Tears dripped and my heart opened.

The darkness of the horrific events that unfolded in Connecticut on Friday that had been weighing so heavily on my heart suddenly became lighter

as the light of God wrapped me in a way not even the warmest human hug can.

I was reminded that the true treasures in life have absolutely nothing to do with earthly riches,

but rather the gift of God’s grace and His presence and the presence of those we love and cherish for as long as we are blessed to have them.

I know that many are silent today in honor of those who are suffering in so much pain and grief. But I just couldn’t ignore God’s whispers to share His loving and healing presence in the midst of the season of presents. And I especially wanted to share that I am praying for the comfort of God’s love for all who are suffering so.

May you be wrapped in God’s presence today,




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  1. Wendy,
    What a powerful post. You are absolutely right and what I needed to hear as I am trying to enjoy the season and not get overwhelmed. Missed you on Thursday for sure! Merry Christmas my friend!

  2. Wonderful words to remind us what is most precious. Such a sad time, but I’m praying that some joy will be found where there seems to be none right now. xoxoxo

  3. Just beautiful. Wendy. My heart is just broken…and this has made me step back, log out, and appreciate being present right now. Praying for peace and comfort for those families.

  4. Today is the first day I’ve really done any *social networking* since late Friday. This was such a beautiful and comforting post to read. You had a moment of Grace in that church and I hope it stays with you for a long time. The world needs a moment of Grace.

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