P B & J Snowman Sandwiches

I look out the window at the moment and all I see is snow, snow, snow.

Beautiful, quiet, white snow stretched out over the grass like one big blanket.

When my girls were younger *sniff* and would get all bundled up in their darling snow gear, eyes glistening while anxiously dancing around until they could finally skip outside for a day of winter wonder, I was always thinking of fun ways to welcome them back into the warmth. Hot cocoa with fluffy marshmallows was a must but one day I decided to get creative with lunch. I peeked outside to see them working diligently on a snowman and thought how fun it would be to bring their creation inside! It was then that the snowman peanut butter & jelly sandwich was born.

As I’ve been watching it snow here in suburbia I’ve been a bit nostalgic remembering those carefree-snow-fun-filled-days as I run my teenage daughter to mall & organize play-dates for my 10 year old rather than bundle them up their darling snow gear.


Then I remembered the precious little snowman sandwich…and a smile spread across my face (and heart) and I got to work.

A little food therapy.

What could be better than that? It’s not a culinary breakthrough mind you but rather a sweet reminder of being a kid again, in the snow, without a care in the world building snowmen until your cheeks turn pink and numb.

This is all you need! Your favorite peanut butter & jelly, 2 slices of bread & 2 circular cookie cutters (1 small & 1 medium size).

There is just nothing like a fresh jar of peanut butter is there? That sound of the seal breaking as you unscrew the lid…

that intoxicating smell of peanuts wafting up into your nostrils as you remove the paper seal.

That first virgin dip of the knife into the smooth surface…


See? I really do find food and the process of making food to be therapeutic…anyone else with me?

Spread the peanut butter on one slice of bread.

Then open the gorgeous sweet jelly…

O.k. actually that happens to be strawberry preserves because I prefer preserves over jelly but a “peanut butter & strawberry preserve sandwich” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, ya know?

And spread the jelly (or preserves) onto the other slice of bread.

Place the two slices of bread together, push your small cookie cutter into the bread,

and you’ll get a sweet little circle that will become the head of your snowman. Repeat with the larger cookie cutter for the body.

Next you’ll need some fun little candy embellishments!

I used sprinkles, silver dragees, non-pareils and some fruit tape, but you could use whatever you like!

You’ll definitely need some snow…

That’s how all this fun started after all! I used powered sugar.

Now for some creativity! It’s time to decorate the little fella! Let your imagination run wild! Kids love this part as well!

I made a cap & scarf out of the fruit tape and topped with a cotton candy pomp.

An orange sprinkle as his nose and 2 blue non-pareils for his eyes,

some dragees for buttons and then a sprinkling of powdered sugar for snow!

The final touch, puffy cotton candy clouds from which a few candy snowflakes fall and you’ve got yourself the perfect little wintertime lunch for all the kids to enjoy.

I mean who wouldn’t enjoy that?

No matter what the age.

AND you get to play with your food!

Happy snowman making!



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  1. What a cute idea, Wendy. I’ll be honest, I’m sick of the snow. But peanut butter and strawberry preserves is one of my favorite sandwiches – or raspberry – that’s great too. So I love your little snowman, and I’d happily have him for lunch.

  2. So adorable!! I am going to try it today, my kids will go ga-ga over this!!
    Hope you don’t mind if I tweet about your post, it’s too cute to keep to myself!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Adorable! Absolutely adorable.. My little ones will love this! Might even make it a Nutella & mashed banana snowman ; )I know I’ll have ample opportunity with all the snow we’ve been getting! xoxo

  4. Love this! And, this is such a sweet post. These are the types of sandwiches/things that make memories last, then get repeated in the next generation….yeah for snowmen !

  5. Wendy,
    your snowman brought a smile to my face! It’s picture perfect. I can feel the snow falling around me, even if I do live in sunny Southern California. 😉 I’ll have to remember this snowman in years to come when my granddaughter is old enough to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your sweet story, too.

  6. Oh my goodness Ms Wenderly…your little snowmen are so dang adorable. Do they come in a “rainman” version since all it’s doing here is raining? Forecast for the next 7 days…rain.

  7. This is really cute and creative, but did you really just post a step-by-step instructional for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? What hath Pioneer Woman wrought?

  8. Wendy I love the presentation of the paper whites and the sandwiches are too cute. How do you find the time?
    Let’s go out. Call me.
    Love ya,

  9. […] Okay, so maybe this isn’t the world’s most nutritious sandwich idea, but there’s nothing wrong with a good treat in moderation! Set out ingredients like Nutella for the inside of the sandwich, bread pre-cut by you into differently sized circles, sugared licorice strings, and sprinkles. Let your kids build themselves sandwich snowmen and top it off with some powdered icing sugar “snow”, just like Wenderley. […]

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