Meet My Foyer

Meet my foyer…

and the ever popular “shoe basket.”

The shoe basket was born out of sheer frustration that comes with four people in one house, plus two feet on every person which equals eight pairs of shoes (wow, that was kinda mathematical and I don’t even like math!). Better yet, make that six pairs of shoes because mine are always on my feet, or where they belong.

What a concept.

Where they belong.

I don’t know about you but clutter (and shoes) drives me nutto! I am the perpetual picker-upper in my house and I get tired of picking up shoes all the-live-long-day. I mean I’ve got MANY other glamorous things to do to keep a house up and running like…

cleaning and shopping…

and cleaning…

and cooking…

and laundry.

Did I mention cleaning?

Oh, heavens.

Anyway, I decided being the clever girl that I am, that I would make MY job easier by helping my hooligans, help me.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

I found this lovely little antique basket that would serve as a “catch all” if you will, for all of those two feet on every person shoes that I trip over all the time. I purposely placed it in the most obvious, convenient spot that I could think of. Both doors that enter into our little humble abode are within two steps of the “infamous shoe basket.” Easy enough, don’t ya think?

Doesn’t the basket just look all eager and willing to have and to hold all of my darlings’ shoes?

Maybe not as eager and willing as I thought it looked. The crew comes home in all their glory…

with their back packs –

and shoes…

…that they just DROP all over my beautiful, tidy, used to be nothing to trip over foyer.

My perfect foyer is now but a memory.

The day started out with such hope and promise. I even picked these beautiful flowers…

…FROM MY NEIGHBOR’S YARD (is that wrong?). Yeah, it’s o.k. The house is empty, the son is taking care of it for now AND he was actually thinking of chopping the bush down until I stopped the nonsense. Don’t worry, I’ll tell him about the flowers and it will be fine.

But do you know what really gets me?… that EVERY. Single. Solitary. Soul in my house noticed the flowers and inquired about where they came from…

…but the shoe basket?

Well, you do the math.


Please leave me a comment below! -I’d LOVE to know if you have a clutter (or shoe) story that you’d like to share!



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  1. Sweetie:
    The bridge girls…all of whom are extraordinary in their own right….LOVED the blog. Impressed w/ your writing ability…which you MUST have gotten from ME…and your photographic talents…which you must have gotten from your father…since I can travel a whole cruise and then hold up a camera and ask my two daughters to whom this camera belonged……and hear “it’s yours mom!”.
    I love you Wenderly!

  2. Now I’m inspired to look for a more “grand” shoe basket!

    We just got a Trader Joes her in Raleigh so I’ll be off to shop for my Chicken Corn Chowder! Have you ever added Reams noodles to it? They can be found in the frozen area by the frozen bread and pasta (at Kroger). Divine!

    Have you ever seen this catalog? It so reminds me of you. http://www.mythirtyone.com/content/Catalog.aspx

    My friend is a Thirty-One rep. Love, love, love their stuff … and the prices are so right.

    • Thanks Tina!
      Let me know how you like the chowder! Never tried noodles in it, sounds yummy! And I’ll check out the catalog, thanks for thinking of me! 🙂

  3. We also have a shoe basket. It’s huge. And, it’s overflowing. Now the kids don’t leave ANY shoes in their closets. Every shoe they own is in the basket. There are so many shoes that they can never make a pair and I have let my son run errands with me while wearing one tennis shoe and one Croc. Shoe basket fail.

    • Momo-
      You always make me smile! 🙂 The visual of one tennis shoe and one crock is priceless!!

  4. OH can I relate!!
    When my girls get home from school they do what my husband calls “exploding as they walk in the back door!” shoes in this direction, backpacks in that direction and whatever sweater or hoodie they took because the morning was cool in another.. and the lunchbox.. “carefully thrown on the floor” as my dad used to say.
    Well, we got a board and my sweetie routed the edges to be all pretty, hung 4 hooks and placed it right behind the back door!!! At least they explode right there and not in a trail! lol!

  5. I’m trying to decide on a yellow paint color for our foyer, and really like the color you chose in this photo. Can you tell me the brand/shade? Very beautiful photo! Thanks!

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