Life is like a Box of Crayons

Life is like a box of crayons, you just never know what you’re gonna create.

Nothing reminds me more of this than back to school… and the countdown has officially begun.

School will start two weeks from today. I have forms to fill out, checks to write, supplies to buy, more forms to fill out, more school supplies to buy and in my spare time, suck the life out of every last moment of summer that I possibly can.

I’m exhausted, are you?

It’s a bittersweet time at my house. Summer is a favorite season full of sunshiny swimming pool days and cool firefly filled nights. But we all know that the fun has to end and that schedules must resume as signs of “back to school” creep up.

This transition is always a rude awakening until we can wrap our lazy summer day brains around the idea and embrace the traditions of school fast approaching.

Part of the tradition of “back to school” at our house is of course school supply shopping and a first day of school outfit. I’ve cherished these traditions since my very own first day of school years ago. I loved that my skin was kissed by the sun and my hair bleached from the hours spent swimming in chlorine. I loved the feeling of wearing new crisp outfits and shiny new shoes.

I loved the endless possibilities that were unfolding in front of me as I entered a new school year full of new teachers and friends. New & exciting experiences.

I would relish in having a new backpack and smooth new paper, new pencils and crayons.

And OH, oh the crayons. My favorite.

I could get lost in a box of crayons for hours upon hours, even days. All ofย  the perfect points neat and tidy, standing at attention. The rainbow of colors waiting eagerly for a chance to add their color to the picture. The feeling of holding that crayon as it touches the paper and leaves its’ trail of glory behind.

It makes me dizzy & giddy just thinking about it.

What color to choose? Purple pizzazz? Inchworm green? Razzle dazzle rose? Or perhaps robin’s egg blue.

The possibilities are endless. Abundant. Profound.

So as I’m running around like chicken with my head cut off. Or I’m moping because summer is coming to a close. I will remember that all good things must come to an end, and new possibilities start with a new beginning.

Or a box of crayons.

You have a whole world waiting for you…

It’s all at your finger tips.



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  1. I always loved going back to school and seeing all my friends after a summer of fun. And, I loved my new box of crayons, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love this post and love the photo’s. I’m wrapped up in my first “back to school” with the little ones. It’s completely overwhelming experience…even if it’s only the “tot” program. Supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes, clothes, open house….can we hold on to summer days for a little longer?
    Oh, and I’m like you when it comes to a fresh box of crayons….love them!

    Good luck with those last details!

  3. Love this post! Just the smell of those crayons takes me back and makes me want to sit down and color a pretty flower.

    And the crayons that come with the sharpener…oh my!

  4. Beautifully written. I could relate to everything you shared. And I agree with Amy.. the smell of crayons.. I love them!

  5. I just love the smell of crayons. I’m sending my oldest off to college (sniff sniff) but it’s all okay … the goal of parenting is to send the off, right? Loved this post!


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