It’s Summertime…


Just merely saying the word causes me to instantly relax.

Ever since birth, which coincidentally happens to be in the summer, I have adored summer.

The long sunshiny days that stretch into cool firefly filled nights just do something to my soul.

I can still remember the feeling in the pit of my stomach as the school clock ticked its final *tick* before the bell rang and summer began!


Freedom at looong last!

My girls will be out of school in three days. I’ve been panicking with my drawers all in a bunch about what we’ll do all summer long. How will I get work done? How will we all survive with My Yanni working from home now too?  Do I have enough things planned? Then it occurred to me…I’ve been looking at this picture all wrong.

It’s summertime…

It’s time for sleeping in and staying up late.

It’s time for endless days spent at the pool slathered in delicious suntan lotion.  And the AROMA….ah…the wonderful scent of suntan lotion on a hot summer’s day.  One whiff and I instantly feel happy.

It’s time for the feeling of grass on your bare feet. There’s nothing like it. Or better yet, time for the pitch black feet that come along with an adventure filled day.

It’s time for playing ghost in the graveyard as evening creeps over the neighborhood and the yards magically become lit up with the soft glow of fireflies.

There is nothing more magical than a yard full of fireflies.

It’s time for the sound of the ice cream truck the next block over. I can still remember the sheer panic that would rip through my body as I would frantically dig for change and then run like Forest Gump to the closet corner to try to flag him down. Or maybe you didn’t do that? Well my sister and I did…

Remember the orange sherbet push-up pops with a bubble gum ball that would be all melted by the time you got to the bottom? Those where the bomb!

It’s time for lemonade stands, butterflies, bike rides, and lazy hazy afternoons filled with watching the clouds make shapes instead of watching your television set.

It’s time to embrace the simpler things in life, moment by moment.

So I’m going to stop worrying about how to fill the time…

and concentrate simply on enjoying the time.

Sweet, sweet summertime.


How will YOU be spending your time this summer? I’d really love to know!


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  1. Ah, yes, summer time. Time to exhale. We work so hard all year round that we sometimes have to purposely stop, breathe, exhale and pause. Pause just to look out the window or sit on the porch or enjoy a glass of cold iced tea. I’m a winter baby, but I love summer, too.

  2. I love summer. So many fun things to do-farmer’s market, bbq’s, outdoor concerts, pool action, gardening, hiking, running, etc. I am excited the sun is out and shining!

  3. I am dittoing Kristen. I need to relax, and enjoy. The kiddos are only a few years from flying the coop. I’m going to get the marshmallows and sparklers ready (something I was way too uptight about all these years!) Thanks for a reminder of the important or not so important things in life.

  4. AMEN SISTA!!! I PLAN ON ENJOYING ALL THOSE THINGS WITH YOU AND THE GIRLS THIS SUMMER–ALOT!!! YIPPEE!!!! (I forgot about the gumball at the bottom of the push-up! YUMM!!)

  5. Wish we had fireflies on the coast…we have to go camping in the mountains to get them. Which hopefully is one of the adventures we will do again. I love to camp if I don’t get to go at least once a year I get twitchy. Mostly we will be living at the beach or the pool enjoying surf contest and swim meets. Oh and books! Lots and lots of good books 🙂 Enjoy your summer darlin’

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