Hydrangeas aren’t just for Bouquets Anymore.

Lately, we’ve had enough rain to justify building an ark or at the very least a small raft.

Which may be why my hydrangeas are going gangbusters this year. I personally would like to think that it has something to do with my super-di-duper gardening abilities, but whatever it is, my hydrangea are happy and blooming like there’s no tomorrow, therefore I’m happy and blooming as well.

I heart hydrangeas.

This year I made a New Year’s resolution to have fresh flowers in my home at all times, or at the very least, every single week. I figured that I might as well make a resolution that I could actually keep and why not make one that makes me happy too!?

So being the dutiful resolution 2010-carry-outer that I am, I decided to fill my home with hydrangeas yesterday. As I eagerly approached my happy hydrangeas, clippers in hand, I stumbled upon this beautiful butterfly.

Or is it a moth?

Well, all I know is that I was mesmerized by its’ gentle, sweet, beauty.

Then it flew away.

And I clipped the bloom that the butterfly had been resting on.

Then I clipped a bundle of other blooms.

And arranged them into my favorite vase.

In case you don’t already know this, a hydrangea stem is very thick and fibrous, (woody if you will). It is necessary to trim stems to desired length,then cut the stem at an angle and gently tap the end a few times with your clippers. This will mash the stem a bit but will create better flow of water up the stem. Those lovely blooms love their water. I can’t tell you how many times I had arranged the perfect bouquet only to find them wilted and droopy by morning.

Now, it’s also a good idea to pluck off any leaves that would otherwise be resting in the water. This allows for your water to remain cleaner, longer and hence you will have beautiful flowers greeting you in every room longer.

“What will you do with all of those gorgeous leaves”, you say?

Well, I have found that they make a gorgeous backdrop for a cheese plate or a dessert plate or any kind of plate!

Just wash them with soap & water and you’re ready for action!

I dug around in my fridge and found a chunk of cheese, grapes would have been a nice addition but I was out cutting flowers in my garden rather than grocery shopping so, just cheese will do. Then I found a few crackers and sat down for a mid afternoon snack while enjoying my beautiful bouquet.

And it was only Monday…

How do you like that?

Total bliss.

I’m telling you, do yourself a favor, next year (or even right this very minute) make a resolution to yourself to always have fresh flowers around your home!

You won’t regret it!



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  1. You are so right! I too having been making myself a promise to always have fresh flowers about, even if it’s just a single bloom. Your arrangement is gorgeous and I love that vase.
    Waiting everyday for my own hydrangeas to come into bloom!

    • Debbie, so glad to help encourage you to treat yourself to fresh flowers! And you’re so right, even a single bloom does the trick!

    • Hi Amy! So glad that you stopped by via hip hostess!! Nice to *meet* you! Glad that you liked the leaf idea, it’s so easy and really sets off a plate.

  2. I have had a hydrangea for eight years and it has never flowered…until this year. I have anxiously awaiting the blooms and the kids and I inspect the plant every day. We are nothing if not patient!

  3. I agree with fresh flowers in the home. I just had some purple hydrangeas this past week flourishing through out the house. I never thought to use the leaves though. Great idea and beautiful setting darlin’.

  4. I love all the content…and your blog is SO pretty!!! I’m a new follower, was just surfing the web and not quite sure how I stumbled here but I love it!

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