Greece is Just a Salad Away

You may already know this, but I married a nice Greek boy. And let me tell you those Greeks know how to live life LARGE and enjoy everything that life has to offer. Whether it’s their fabulous Mediterranean food, dancing under grape vines into the dark of night or simply enjoying an afternoon nap, the Greeks really know how to live.

And I know first hand.

My Yanni and I had the incredible opportunity to spend the summer in Greece for our Honeymoon. It was fabulous.

My love of Farmer’s Markets actually started while in Greece that summer. If you want to talk about Farmer’s Markets… forget about it – you’ve never seen a Farmer’s Market until you’ve experienced one in Greece!

End of story.

The produce almost looked artificial, the colors were so vivid, the sizes of the fruits & vegetables were like nothing I had ever laid eyes on before. And the taste?


One of my all time favorite things to eat was their Greek salad. And trust me there were so many delicious things to eat, well except for the goat that was offered to me by one of My Yanni’s distant Uncles. I’m serious. It is a very big compliment ya know. But I just wasn’t into fresh goat, personally, not that there’s anything wrong with fresh goat, it’s just not for me, that’s all.

But that’s another story for another day.

So back to my favorite thing to eat, Greek salad!

Last week while at the Worthington Farmer’s Market, I bought some gorgeous grape tomatoes. They just pop with flavor in your mouth and are as sweet as sugar. They reminded me of Greece and I just had to make a Greek salad ASAP. I promise you this will become a favorite salad of yours as well…

So without further ado, here are the yummy, fresh ingredients-


  • grape tomatoes
  • red onion
  • cucumber
  • Kalamata olives
  • feta cheese

*note, you may use any variety of the tomato, onion, and cucumber but the feta and Kalamata olives are a must in a Greek salad.

These are the ingredients for the dressing-

  • extra virgin Olive oil
  • red wine vinegar
  • course salt & pepper
  • dried dill

This is your secret ingredient for a FAB salad.


I kid you not. My (Greek) Mother in law introduced me to this wonderful addition and it really does wonders with the flavors. Not really sure how or why, I just know that it is delicious!

I decided not to bore the daylights out of you by showing you each individual veggie being chopped,  just try to get them all cut in the same general size. It makes for more balanced bites and a more attractive salad.

And we all want an attractive salad, don’t we?

Well I do anyway.

I started with the cucumbers, I left the skin on because the English cucumbers have a thin skin that isn’t bitter.

Just look at those glorious colors!! Almost as beautiful as being in Greece. Almost.

I love to use purple onions for their pretty color and they are mild which happens to be better for my tum. Not to mention they go fabulously with the purplish hue of the Kalalmata olives.

Remember…an attractive salad is key.

Next pour on the olive oil and red wine vinegar, I usually just eyeball the amounts, but the general rule of thumb is 2 parts olive oil to 1 part red wine vinegar.

Then sprinkle a few healthy pinches of your secret ingredient, dried dill and some salt & pepper and toss!

Now if this doesn’t just take you straight to Greece than I don’t know what will!




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  1. Wendy are you just Fabulous… Thank You so very much for the recipe looks absoultely Delicious!!! What a Beautiful display of the Salad…. Thanks for all of your ideas…

  2. Okay, I give, what kind of camera do you have??? Your photos are so fabulous that I feel like I could pull a piece of feta out of my computer! Do tell.

    • O.k- First of all, you are such a cutie patootie! Thank you for your sweet compliments! Secondly, I only have a simple little point & shoot, a Canon Power Shot A1000 from like Target or something!! I can’t wait until I grow up one day and get a nifty digital with some fab lenses and stuff! That’s the whole scoop and nothin but the scoop!

  3. My husband is half Greek (aren’t they fab!) and loves fresh Greek Salad. I keep all the ingredients in the fridge (enormous wedge of Greek Feta) and we have salad nearly every night. Of course we’ve been to Santorini, Mykonos, Crete as well as many of the Turkish Islands and the food is always so fresh and delicious. Thanks for the yummy pics! xxbarbara

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