Empty Nesters

It’s official. We’re empty nesters.

It’s been about 3 weeks now since we’ve seen any of our sweet Carolina wrens.

I was amazed at how quickly they up and left the nest. They hung around for about one day and then*poof* they were gone.

The next evening, as we were coming home and pulled into the garage, I looked over at the sacred beach bags and felt a tug at my heartstrings.

It just felt so empty.

We’ve all taken turns secretly tip toeing up the ladder just to be absolutely certain that the birds are indeed gone. We’ve all gone through a bit of a mourning period if you will. It was such a magical gift having those birds in our garage and the entire experience had meant something significant to each one of us.

I couldn’t help but to imagine, for a moment, what it would be like when our girls left our nest one day.

But then I heard the familiar song of the mama bird and two of the four baby birdies appeared on the beach bags. I was stunned. Immediately I grabbed my camera and caught this photo.

They were back!!

My heart lept with joy. But the mama bird kept calling and calling, and it was definitely a “come hear right NOW or else” kind of tone.

I know that tone all too well.

I was confused, but realized that she was calling them to leave the nest…

And they did.

They flew right out the window to join her and the two other baby birdies waiting in the dogwood tree.

I ran inside and captured this photo of one of the baby birds before they all flew away.

I remember standing there sad and longing for them to come back…

The nest was just so empty.

Except for one tiny little lonely egg.

One tiny little egg that never hatched.

The wonders of this little nest never cease to amaze me.

You see I too had an egg that never hatched.

Our first pregnancy we suffered a miscarriage- we had conceived on New Years Eve and lost the baby on Valentine’s Day…. the beautiful thing is…. I conceived our oldest on Valentine’s Day a year later… and our youngest was conceived two years after that…on New Years Eve!!!

Isn’t life fascinating?!

As I stood there holding that darling little nest in the palm of my hands with all of those memories fluttering through my mind,  I felt fortunate.

Fortunate to have experienced this little nest and all the beautiful insights that came with it.

Fortunate to have our two beautiful daughters whose lives had each been given to us in such a way to help heal the loss that we had suffered.

And most important of all…

I felt fortunate to be blessed with the two daughters that I will miss one day in the first place…

as they too will leave the nest.

But will never, ever leave my heart.


What things in your life make you feel fortunate?


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  1. Captivating and beautiful post. My daughter Camille was born on Valentines Day-its a fabulous day to have a birthday! I have a son who just turned 17 and a daughter 15–I am now coming to terms with the fact that my son will be heading to college in a little over a year 🙁 they say that time passes quickly and I believe it to be true.) Camille is 7 , the baby of the family –such a blessing to have kids!

  2. That’s the coolest! We’ve had birds nest in our hanging baskets on the porch and it’s always been fun to watch them come and go.

    Thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like New Year’s and Valentines are happenin’ around your place! ; )

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