Avitae…and You’re On Your Way!

I’ll be honest…I LOVE my caffeine.

With our busy summer coming to an end, I am becoming painfully aware that things won’t really slow down as back to school, sports and extra-curricular activities begin to wind up. It will be quite the opposite. So I’ll be counting on my beloved caffeine now more than ever.

Much to my delight, I was recently asked to taste, review and host a giveaway about a brilliant concept…the combination of water and caffeine in one bottle.

Yes, I said “water and caffeine.” Isn’t that just the smartest thing ever? Of course I said “YES” and then waited eagerly to receive the Avitae samples.

Because, I’ll be honest…I LOVE my caffeine.

Wait, I already said that...

Anyhoo, I was thrilled to sample a drink that would hydrate AND caffeinate all at the same time.

And you know what? It was DELICIOUS! Clean, fresh and fabulous! I kept waiting for an after taste to kick in and to my surprise, it never did! But what did kick in was the delightful caffeine boost that propelled me through the rest of my day with ease!

No calories, no sodium, no artificial anything. Just refreshing water and caffeine.


On any given day I can be seen juggling my coffee in one hand and my ice water in the other so this water plus caffeine concept just simplified my life into one bottle.

I think I’m in love. (Don’t tell my coffee).

My life consists of being a chauffeur, cook, laundress, social planner, clutter picker upper, life coach and everything else in between (with the exception of math homework helper). I now write and run this little blog of mine, and while it’s fabulous and exciting, life can be well…down right zany.

Sometimes I just need a little pick me up to get me through my day.

O.k. EVERY day I need a little pick me up to help me through my day.

It could be worse.

I now have an additional secret weapon in my bag of tricks…

I can just grab an AVITAE and I’m happily on my way!

What about you?



We have a winner of the 4 pack of Avitae caffeinated water

Congratulations to Vonda who said… “Coffee until noon–Diet Coke until noon–I might like this caffeine water…”

Way to go Vonda! You are my kinda gal, a true caffeine lover!  I’m sure you’ll enjoy your Avitae! I’ll be contacting you about prize details. Thanks everyone for you participation!


Win a 4 pack of Avitae!

To enter this giveaway just leave me a comment below and tell me what secret weapon helps you get through your day and you’re automatically entered to win.

*For an additional entry, follow me on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway, and then come back and leave another comment. Sorry, but contest is open to U.S. only and you must be 18 or older.

The giveaway starts today, Thursday, Aug. 19th 2010 and will end next Thursday, Aug. 26th 2010 at midnight. One winner will be randomly selected and announced Friday morning.

Full Disclosure:I was provided a sample 4 pack of Avitae for review. I was not compensated in any way to write the review, and the opinions expressed here are my own.


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  1. I think I might start flying if I include this fab concept into my diet, the coffee in the morning, cokes at lunch, tea at night……mind you, like you say, the fall only brings more busy busy and less calm calm. Just loved your recipe below, and the crayon post.

    All the best, Coryanne

  2. i start my day with a cup of jo and a quote for inspiration. please throw my name in the hat. thank you. you too, can enter my GIVEAWAY on my blog for a set of four photo note cards. Good luck.

  3. After I’ve downed my full pot of coffee, this may just do the trick to keep me moving in the afternoon!
    I’ve never heard of caffeine water, but then again I’m pretty much always out of the loop.

  4. My secret weapon is strong hot coffee in the morning and strong iced coffee mid day. Without both, I would never make it!

  5. You know my secret weapon, Wendy!! Yep, coffee. Good old strong black coffee. I wish I could say exercise, good food and clean living. Well, I could say all of that if I exercised consistently.

  6. Oh boy, for me its my local coffee in my personalized coffee mug (picture of my doggie Annie) in the morning and then an Arnold Palmer around 2 (sun tea with a shot of lemonade!) I love that caffeine. Sounds like maybe a 12 step is gonna be required for this give-away!

  7. Wendy I must say I love my Diet Pepsi… But I want something more that hydrates me…. Once again another beautiful picture with your Blog!!

  8. Three secret weapons – 1st is morning coffee. 2nd is a mid-afternoon power nap. But on those days when I need to get some sewing done and I can’t lie on the couch for even a brief nap, I go to the 3rd weapon – diet coke. Hate to put the artificial sweeteners in my body day after day, though. Thanks for running this contest!

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