My Yanni’s Leftover Turkey Delight Sandwiches with Hondo Sauce


I’m all about the leftovers after a holiday, aren’t you? Hours are spent planning, cleaning, shopping, cooking, serving, cleaning again and then … *POOF* it’s all over. But then you get to open the refrigerator  *insert angels singing*  and find all of the delicious leftovers just waiting to be enjoyed. The other day as My Yanni was rummaging around in […]

Ham & Cheese “Souffle”…It’s What’s for Brinner


I had the pleasure of being invited to host an Eggland’s Best “Brinner” the other night. I’m certain that you’ve heard of Eggland’s Best Eggs but you may be asking yourself “what in the world is a “Brinner”?  A Brinner is breakfast for dinner…brinner. Get it? Clever isn’t it? Wish I could take credit for […]