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Homemade Valentine Gifts :: Flower Pens

Flower pens make beautiful homemade Valentine gifts for loved ones, teachers, friends or coworkers. While they’re easy and fun to make, they’re even more fun to use!

Homemade Valentine Gifts Flower Pens

You may be thinking, “what a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting quietly in an antique sugar bowl” as you gaze upon the above photo. But is it, really? Nope! It’s not! It’s a beautiful antique sugar bowl filled with a bouquet of flower pens! If you’re looking for a unique homemade Valentine gift, then you’ve come to the right place! Flower pens are such fun! So easily personalized by the pen you use and what type (or types) of flower you choose.

Homemade Valentine Gifts Flower Pens

You’ll only need a couple supplies and less than 5 minutes to make this sweet gift.

  • a pen (or pens)
  • artificial flowers
  • floral tape
  • wire cutters

I found these pretty peonies at the dollar store but you can find an even larger selection of artificial flowers as well as the floral tape, at a local craft store.

Homemade Valentine Gifts Flower Pens

Here’s what you do ::

  • Simply cut a flower with wire cutters leaving about a 4 inch stem
  • hold the stem against the top of the pen, then gently pull the floral tape to release its sticky texture while wrapping it around the stem
  • continue to wrap (while gently pulling the tape) until the entire pen is covered in the floral tape
  • tear off the tape once you get to the tip and press the edge down for a smooth finish

Homemade Valentine Gifts Flower Pens

Viola! You’ve got yourself a flower pen. Isn’t it sweet?

Homemade Valentine Gifts Flower Pens

A bouquet of pens arranged in a fetching vessel makes a gorgeous gift for Valentine’s Day or even a birthday or Mother’s Day. Treat someone special to a beautiful homemade flower pen. It’s nearly impossible to use one without a smile on your face.

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Happy Valentine crafting!


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