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Happy Day Frappé

I love coffee.

Some of you may already know that about me. Coffee has been a vital part of my existence since I was eight years old. Yes, I said eight years old. I had always adored the smell of coffee. And from the time I was a younger nipper I delighted in sneaking sips from my grandmother’s forgotten cold cups of coffee left on her side table. But at the ripe age of eight, at the recommendation of my pediatrician, I was given permission to drink a tiny cup of coffee to calm down my otherwise bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed nature.

It was then that my love affair with coffee began.

Fast forward to my honeymoon in Greece with My Yanni.  This. This is where I fell in love with a frappé. You see I’m a hot coffee girl. I drink hot coffee on a 102 degree day. It’s just what I do. My Yanni on the other hand drinks cold coffee on a 32 below zero day. It’s just what he does. However, when in Greece do as the Greeks, right? So I tried a delicious frothy, perfectly chilly frappé on a 102 degree day and fell head-over-heels in love. We drank those glorious drinks every day all summer long whilst sitting underneath his grandmother’s gorgeous grapevines eating apricot jam.

From time to time I like to go back to Greece by sipping on a frappé with my eyes closed and my mind wide open on a chilly winter’s day. Turns a ho-hum day into a happy one in minutes.

You can too! This is all it takes.

Some instant coffee.

My Yanni & I love to use Nescafé ® instant coffee for our frappés. For one thing…Nescafé rhymes with frappé, *just kidding* in truth, we used it in Greece for our frappés 19 years ago so it holds a fond place in our frappé loving hearts. (This is not a paid post for Nescafé by the way.)

You’ll want to use a large glass to allow for proper froth-to-coffee-ratio. You’ll see what I mean later.

First, pour a heaping tablespoon of instant coffee into your large glass.

Next, add a teaspoon of sugar (or more if you like it really sweet).

Then pour in some milk to taste. We like to use a very large splash of milk or to be more precise, about 1/8 cup.

Next, add some ice cold water until the glass is a little over half full.

Now, at this point, the next step is to mix the concoction until it has a fabulous froth that almost fills the rest of the glass. I found a neat little battery operated hand held milk frother that we like to use. But in Greece we used a shaker with a lid and it worked like a dream. If using a shaker just add the ice cubes before you shake the daylights out of it for about 30 seconds and you should get the same fabulous frothy effect.

So, if using a  neat little battery operated hand held mixer, mix the frappé until you see that everything is evenly incorporated…

and long enough that you’ve got a fabulous froth that equals the amount of coffee in your glass but leaves some room at the top for a handful of ice cubes.

Remember that proper froth-to-coffee-ratio I mentioned earlier?

Cold is key for a fantastic frappé. I’m always amazed at how many ice cubes My Yanni can fit into his glass.

Then insert a straw through the frothy foam…

and sip away until you find yourself smack dab in Greece underneath the grapevines on Yaya’s front porch.

Oh, happy day. 



Here’s the easy recipe:

Happy Day Frappé

1 heaping Tablespoon instant coffee
1 teaspoon sugar
1/8 cup milk
1 cup cold water
handful of ice cubes

In a large glass, pour in a heaping spoonful of instant coffee, add a teaspoon of sugar, 1/8 cup of milk and 1 cold cup of water.

Place a battery operated hand held mixer into cup and mix until incorporated and frothy. Add handful of ice cubes.

If using a shaker with a lid, add ice cubes before shaking vigorously for at least 30 seconds.


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13 replies on “Happy Day Frappé”

Oh, I love this story. I love any Yanni and Wendy story, though. You make me both smile. I love both cold and hot coffee, and my grandma started giving it to me, much to my mother’s dismay, at the ripe age of 2. I thank her daily as I raise a cup to my lips in the morning. 😉

I dream of traveling to Greece, I’m hoping for my honeymoon (lol, not like I’m getting married anytime soon … but when that time comes). This is a simple and elegant recipe – – can’t wait to give it a try 🙂

I had a Yiayia with a courtyard shaded by what seemed like a million grapevines too, where I used to sit after our afternoon siesta enjoying a cold delight like you just described and every time I am lucky enough to sip a delicious frappe, I am instantly transported back in time to those summer vacation visits! Thank you for such a sweet memory this afternoon!

This may be my new summer drink….. I too love HOT coffee. I am willing to give anything a try and now I can use the little frother thingy that someone gave me!

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