DIY Snow Globes

You’ll fall in love with these DIY snow globes. You’ll feel as if you’re peering through the glass of a window pane into a winter wonderland.

DIY Snow Globes

There’s just something so magical about catching a glimpse of the new fallen snow through a cold glass window pane. The world seems frozen in time, wrapped in a blanket of powdered sugar that sends a gentle hush throughout the land. Snow globes have always been a close second to the real thing for me. I could spend hours looking through a glass dome into an enchanted snow covered kingdom.

DIY Snow Globes

As of late I’ve had a desire to make some of my own magic with snow globes. I’ve seen so many different beautiful snow globes through the years, mostly made with mason jars but I wanted something larger, more elegant and sophisticated. I found these lovely apothecary jars a T.J. Maxx and I knew in an instant that they were just the perfect vessel to hold a dreamy winter scene.

DIY Snow Globes

I decided to use a soft marabou feather boa as the snow in the bottom of my jars. I trimmed them into pieces and curled them around the base of the jars. I adore the ethereal feel they give against the textures of the trees.

DIY Snow Globes

I added some white antique reindeer throughout the winter scene and finished it off with a single white feathered tree.  I find myself walking into my foyer throughout the day just to gaze at the snow globe collection and delight that little girl in me who still loves to get lost in a snow globe.

DIY Snow Globes

Make some winter wonderland magic with your own DIY snow globes this year! They’re a simple way add a beautiful vignette in any spot in your home!

Supplies for DIY snow globes ::

  • apothecary jars (I suggest 3 sizes. It a magical number in decorating)
  • white miniature trees of different heights (I found mine at JoAnn Fabric and the Dollar Store)
  • white marabou boas for the snow inside the jars (I found mine a JoAnn Fabrics)
  • miniature white reindeer (mine are antiques but I found some sweet white crystal ornaments you could use on Amazon here )
  • white feather tree (I got mine at Target last year but I found a similar one on Amazon here)

I’ve been adorning my home in all white all season long and I’m absolutely smitten with it! In case you missed my other posts, here they are for some more whimsical white Christmas inspiration!

May your Christmas be merry and all WHITE!


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