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Wine Tag Hostes Gift

Glitter letter wine tags make the perfect simple yet sophisticated hostess gift when attending any gathering, grand or intimate.

Wine Tag Hostess Gift

For years I have been embellishing bottles with different various letters and tags as hostess gifts! I keep a special drawer full of all sorts of different chipboard letters and glitter glue, (that I buy from my local craft stores) so that I’m prepared with a moments notice. During the holiday season especially, I find myself needing a last minute hostess gift more often than not.

Wine Tag Hostess Gift

I’ve always loved the way a simple initial can instantly personalize almost anything with a simple sophistication. I put these letters on almost anything, including packages and bags and I even use them for place cards and wine glass tags. But I had never realized how much other people enjoyed them until I was at a friends house and there on her bulletin board hung a glittered letter that I had given her years before. She caught me noticing it and instantly gushed about how much she loved it and whenever she saw it there it made her smile and feel happy.

Wine Tag Hostess Gift

And that’s just what a gift, no matter how big or how small, should do to the receiver shouldn’t it? Make them feel happy and smile.

Wishing you a blessed New Year full of sparkle!