Delivery Day Flowers

We have just finished “birthday season” at my house. Along with all of the gifts, balloons, streamers and cake comes flowers…

“Delivery Day Flowers”.

It has become a cherished tradition at our house and one that I’ve tried to write about many times.

However I’ve never been able to successfully express what these flowers mean to me.

The tradition began with my mom nearly losing her life after giving me mine. She hemorrhaged the night we all came home from the hospital and by the time the doctor actually decided to send her back to the hospital, she was already finding herself floating towards the white light. My first two weeks on earth were spent with my daddy looking after me as my mom healed in the hospital from her near death experience.

This is the first photo taken of my mom getting to hold me after her second trip home. The following year on my first birthday my dad sent her flowers in celebration and appreciation of her life (and mine) and of all that she had gone through. Hence Delivery Day Flowers were born. The tradition has been carried on every single year for every single birth-day including the less theatrical birth-day of my sister. Every delivery day whether traumatic or not deserves a celebration & appreciation.

I grew up seeing those beautiful flowers delivered every year and with every year I could feel the gratitude in my heart grow deeper for what they really stood for.  I can’t even begin to put into words how fortunate I feel to have been given not only the gift of my life, but that of my mom’s life too.

My heart felt complete.

Then our first baby girl was born.

I had an entirely new appreciation for love. Especially for a mother’s love.

And a daughter’s love too.

The love I had in my heart came full circle in ways I had never dreamt possible. It couldn’t get any better than this.

But then our second baby girl was born and the love multiplied,

times two.

My Yanni has carried out the tradition of delivery day flowers for each girl since the day our first born made her entrance into this world.

Every year amidst the birthday gifts, balloons, streamers & cake there is always a beautiful bouquet tucked in there somewhere waiting to surprise me.

And with each beautiful bouquet I am reminded of  just how delicate life is and how blessed we all are to celebrate and fully appreciate each passing year.

I am reminded of a mother’s love.

Of a daughter’s appreciation.

And of love coming full circle.

Times infinity.