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DIY Sweater Mug Warmer

Make the cold winter days cozy and quaint with a DIY Sweater Mug Warmer. They’re inexpensive and you’ll never believe how simple they are to put together.

DIY Sweater Mug Warmer

I’ve been an avid coffee lover and drinker since I was a wee little nipper. As a matter of fact, those of you who know me know that “coffee is like air to me.” There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t relish in at least one mug full of the deep, dark, delicious brew and during the cold winter months I find myself wrapping my hands around a mug more often than not. This year after using refurbished sweaters and scarves for setting the scene for a winter party I was inspired to dress up my mugs with these darling sweater mug warmers!

DIY Sweater Mug Warmer

They were unbelievably simple to make! Cut the sleeve of a sweater (across width of the arm) so that it covers the mug but leaves a few inches of the top of the mug exposed. You’ll need lip room for sipping. Next, cut along the edge (height-wise) to make room for the handle. Then cut pieces of a foam double sided tape and place the tape on either side of the handle at the top and bottom of the mug. You may want another piece of or two placed along the top edge of the sweater (depending on how snuggly the wrap fits) so it doesn’t slip. Once tape is affixed, place the already cut sweater wrap around the mug. Make sure to press the sweater against the tape to secure it. I left the cut edges untouched and they haven’t frayed but you can use a non-fraying liquid along the edge if you so choose.

DIY Sweater Mug Warmer

I certainly don’t need any excuse to sip on a mug of my beloved coffee, but I must say that it’s even more fun with a mug dressed up in an adorable sweater warmer! If you’re not a coffee lover, here’s a yummy homemade hot chocolate  recipe for you to enjoy.

Supplies you’ll need to make a DIY sweater mug warmer::

  • ceramic mug
  • sleeves of a sweater (I used sweaters from a thrift store and a children’s size works better)
  • foam doubled sided tape (regular double sided tape would work as well)
  • scissors

Warm wishes!


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