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Winter Party Theme Ideas

These winter theme party ideas are simple and inexpensive yet will make your guests warm and cozy as you entertain during the winter months.

Winter Party Theme Ideas

I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had lately as I’ve transformed my living room into an inviting, cozy, haven. It’s so delightful to come inside and snuggle into the warm comforting surroundings on these bitter cold days. Usually the winter months drag on endlessly for me. But this year, I’m just having too much fun all snuggled up. And you should too!! Why not invite some friends over to warm up with a magical winter dinner party after a fun afternoon of sledding or skiing!? You won’t believe how easy these party theme ideas are to make! Today I’m sharing my fireplace decoration ideas with you.

I embellished my mantle with a garland made of yarn pom poms. 

Winter Party Theme Ideas

They are so simple to make (I did a tutorial here).  I used a small and medium sized pom poms and tied them onto a piece of yarn.

Winter Party Theme Ideas

I just love how the garland turned out! Reminds me of little puffy snowballs.

The candles are made out of sweaters! Or maybe I should say candle cozies. I used the arms of sweaters and tall and short glasses that I picked up for a few dollars at a thrift store. Make sure you use children’s sized sweaters because the arms are smaller and hug tightly around glasses. Some of the candles have the top folded down as a cuff, others do not. I used different textures and patterns of a similar palette for an all over cohesive look.

Winter Party Theme Ideas

I didn’t even need to finish the edges of the candle sweater cozies. None of the sweaters unraveled and I thought the unfinished edge add charm.

I found an old window at an antique store and leaned it on the mantle. Gazing through window panes always reminds me of winter, not to mention it gives height and visual interest to the scene. I hung a scarf wreath (find the how-to here) in the center for another cozy touch.

Winter Party Theme Ideas

Now if that mantle doesn’t say cozy, warm and snuggly then I don’t know what does!? I love that a few simple DIY’s made this winter scene affordable and enchanting at the same time.

Winter Party Theme Ideas

How to make the winter party theme ideas ::

Stayed tuned for the table setting tomorrow as well as yummy recipes and a fun cocktail next week!

Wishing you a day wrapped in warmth and love,




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