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Thanksgiving Mantle :: Gold Leaf Garland

Dress up your Thanksgiving mantle with a gorgeous gold leaf garland. You’ll get a sophisticated look with minimal effort that costs next to nothing!

Thanksgiving Mantle Gold Leaf Garland

I usually don’t do too much for my Thanksgiving mantle but after making my gold leaf pace cards, I just couldn’t seem to put my spray paint can down! I was so smitten with their luscious luster I just knew that I had to continue the gold leaf theme and embellish my mantle as well!

Thanksgiving Mantle Gold Leaf Garland

Garlands have become a staple decoration in my home. They are just so sweet and unassuming and add such a celebratory statement to any room.

Thanksgiving Mantle Gold Leaf Garland

For my mantle, I decided on a simple and somewhat small leaf and to give an all over unified affect, I gathered a collection of leaves that were all similar in shape and size.

Thanksgiving Mantle Gold Leaf Garland

After spray painting both sides of the leaves, I simply hung some white string across my mantle and hung them with small wooden clothes pins (that I found at Michaels).

Thanksgiving Mantle Gold Leaf Garland

Make your mantle dazzle this Thanksgiving with a gorgeous gold leaf garland!


Supplies you’ll need for a gold leaf garland :

  • Leaves that are of the same size and shape that have been washed and dried well
  • Design Master gold spray paint (I used #731)
  • white string (or if you have a different color mantle, try to find string that matches the color of your wood or paint)
  • small wooden clothes pins

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Wishing you & yours a wonderfully decorated Thanksgiving!




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2 replies on “Thanksgiving Mantle :: Gold Leaf Garland”

The gold leaf garland looks great and your mantle is gorgeous. Love that you kept everything neutral with just the right splash of gold.

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