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Easy Turkey Cookies

Make room for these adorable turkey cookies on your Thanksgiving dessert table! Kids big and small will love these sandwich cookies turned turkey!

Easy Turkey Cookies

There will be a new sweet treat joining the plethora of pies on the dessert table this year! Chocolate covered sandwich cookies topped with a chocolate kiss and a fan of fruit leather are all you’ll need to to make these turkey cookies. Make them ahead or set up a station and invite your younger guests to busy themselves with making their very own turkey creations!

Easy Turkey Cookies

These festive turkey cookies could even be used as place cards if you wish! Just tuck a thin strip of paper with your guests name in between the fruit leather feathers. How cute is that?

Easy Turkey Cookies

Whether you make your turkey cookies ahead or entertain the kiddos with an edible sweet-treat-turkey-making-station, I can guarantee a fun element of whimsy will be enjoyed by all as they indulge in one of these turkey cookies.

Supplies you’ll need to make the turkey cookies :

  • sandwich cookies
  • chocolate melts
  • red & orange fruit leather strips
  • gold dragees
  • small tube red gel icing
  • small leaf cookie cutter

What you’ll do :

Melt the chocolate melts according to package instructions. Cut fruit leather with a small leaf cookie cutter into as many leaf feathers as you like (I used 4 leaf feathers on each cookie). Open cookie and spread melted chocolate over the center icing (take care not to put too much or it will squeeze out the sides). Lay the fruit leather leaves on the melted chocolate in a fan along top half of cookie. Put the top cookie back on and gently squeeze to help seal cookies back together. Spread melted chocolate on top of cookie. Place a chocolate kiss onto melted chocolate and let set a few minutes. Put two dabs of melted chocolate on kiss where eyes should go (I used a clean paint brush to do this). Place gold dragees on the dabs of chocolate and hold in place with finger for a few seconds. Squirt a small line of red gel icing to to side of the tip of the chocolate kiss to make the turkey gobbler.

Wishing you & yours a very sweet Thanksgiving!




Appetizers Eat

Easy Appetizer | Cranberry and Goat Cheese Crackers

Who doesn’t love an easy appetizer? These cranberry and goat cheese crackers are a stunning and delicious beginning to any meal.

Easy Appetizer Cranberry-Goat Cheese Crackers

It’s no secret at my house, I adore jellied cranberry sauce! I look forward to that sweet and tart ruby red deliciousness every holiday and this time I decided to incorporate it into an easy appetizer!

Easy Appetizer Cranberry Goat Cheese Crackers

Any big meal can become slightly laborious as we scurry about the kitchen cooking and timing the rolls to turn golden just as the sides are perfectly heated and the turkey has been sliced into perfection.

Easy Appetizer Cranberry Goat Cheese Crackers

So I ask, who needs a fussy heavy appetizer? Not me! I’m all for an easy appetizer that’s light and tasty and tantalizes my palette just enough to get me ready for the main meal. These little beauties will do just that. The tart sweet cranberry sauce pairs perfectly with the creamy goat cheese.

Easy Appetizer Cranberry Goat Cheese Crackers

It’s a match made in heaven that takes minutes to prepare and I guarantee that your guests will oooh and ahhh at the presentation!

Wishing you a delicious stress-free holiday!



Decorate Home Accents Seasonal

Thanksgiving Mantle :: Gold Leaf Garland

Dress up your Thanksgiving mantle with a gorgeous gold leaf garland. You’ll get a sophisticated look with minimal effort that costs next to nothing!

Thanksgiving Mantle Gold Leaf Garland

I usually don’t do too much for my Thanksgiving mantle but after making my gold leaf pace cards, I just couldn’t seem to put my spray paint can down! I was so smitten with their luscious luster I just knew that I had to continue the gold leaf theme and embellish my mantle as well!

Thanksgiving Mantle Gold Leaf Garland

Garlands have become a staple decoration in my home. They are just so sweet and unassuming and add such a celebratory statement to any room.

Thanksgiving Mantle Gold Leaf Garland

For my mantle, I decided on a simple and somewhat small leaf and to give an all over unified affect, I gathered a collection of leaves that were all similar in shape and size.

Thanksgiving Mantle Gold Leaf Garland

After spray painting both sides of the leaves, I simply hung some white string across my mantle and hung them with small wooden clothes pins (that I found at Michaels).

Thanksgiving Mantle Gold Leaf Garland

Make your mantle dazzle this Thanksgiving with a gorgeous gold leaf garland!


Supplies you’ll need for a gold leaf garland :

  • Leaves that are of the same size and shape that have been washed and dried well
  • Design Master gold spray paint (I used #731)
  • white string (or if you have a different color mantle, try to find string that matches the color of your wood or paint)
  • small wooden clothes pins

For other Thanksgiving decorating ideas check out my Glitter Gourds and Gold Leaf Place Cards.

Wishing you & yours a wonderfully decorated Thanksgiving!




Decorate Seasonal

Thanksgiving Table Ideas :: Gold Leaf Place Cards

Thanksgiving is two weeks away and I’ve got some fun table ideas for you! Greet each special guest as they gather around your table with a personalized gold leaf place card.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas Gold Leaf Place Cards

I’m a fan place cards. It’s a subtle detail that makes a table feel finished and your guests feel welcome. I love to come up with original ideas that dovetail into the overall decorations of my table. This year I decided to bring nature indoors and glam it up with my glitter gourds and gold leaf place cards.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas Gold Leaf Place Cards

They’re so elegant and simple, I just adore them! And you’ll just love how easy they are to make. Collect an assortment of leaves wash and dry them and find a well ventilated area (or outside) to spray paint them.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas Gold Leaf Place Cards

I experimented with a few different craft paints but they took forever to dry and the leaves ended up curled because of it. After some investigation I found the PERFECT spray paint at Michaels. It dries in minutes, gives a nice thick coat and had the exact gold finish that I was looking for. I wanted the look of gilded without the expense.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas Gold Leaf Place Cards

I sprayed both sides of the leaves and stems to give an all over finished look, it also helped to seal and preserve the leaves. Aren’t they lovely?

So simple, stylish and sophisticated.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas Gold Leaf Place Cards

Thanksgiving Table Ideas Gold Leaf Place Cards

After they dried I tied some sweet little ribbon on the stems and wrote my guests names on each leaf with a black felt tip pen. You could always write a simple initial if you wish. I liked the way the names looked.  I made sure to make a couple extra leaves to tuck around my centerpiece for an added touch.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas Gold Leaf Place Cards

Try adorning your Thanksgiving table with gold leaf place cards this year!

Supplies you’ll need for gold leaf place cards ::

  • Leaves (that have been washed and well dried)
  • Design Master gold spray paint (I used #731)
  • Ribbon (preferably that matches your table color scheme)
  • Felt tip pen (for writing names on the leaves)

In case you missed it, I made glitter gourds for my Thanksgiving centerpiece, hop on over to check it out.

Happy decorating!



Desserts Eat

Pumpkin Bread Petit Fours Recipe

Pumpkin bread petit fours are perfect to have on hand for entertaining family, friends and last minute guests as the holiday season unfolds. These delicious little pumpkin bread packages wrapped in dark chocolate will pair perfectly with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Or maybe champagne?

Pumpkin Bread Petit Fours Recipe

Oh is it a happy day here at Wenderly!!! For months now My Yanni and I have been discussing, drawing out plans, discussing again, picking fonts, changing fonts, redesigning logos & icons, discussing more, picking out font sizes, drawing layouts, comparing color palettes, agreeing on layouts, then changing layouts, creating categories, drawing graphics, making multiple lists and checking them thrice.  Then one day after discussing and refreshing the page for the umpteenth time and holding our breath for what seemed to be an eternity…the new Wenderly was born.

And here it is. Pop the bubbly!

I made pumpkin bread petit fours to celebrate! I hope you’ll join me!

Pumpkin Bread Petit Fours Recipe

It seems only appropriate that Wenderly be reborn in Autumn. I simply adore the beautiful transformation of the warm humid air into crisp clear days, the abundant harvest of perfect pumpkins and tart apples and I especially love the parade of color that seems to happily saunter down every avenue.

Pumpkin Bread Petit Fours Recipe

It gives me a totally new outlook on life. A fresh perspective. And a craving for nestling into creativity and capturing all the senses.

Pumpkin Bread Petit Fours Recipe

These pumpkin bread petit fours were inspired by all of those things. And they’re as easy as can be.

Pumpkin Bread Petit Fours Recipe

I just used my favorite boxed pumpkin bread, made a scrumptious chocolate glaze and then topped them off with festive little candy corns & pumpkins.

Pumpkin Bread Petit Fours Recipe

A decadent taste of autumn all wrapped up in a dark chocolate coating is the perfect way to celebrate all the wonderful changes going on in the world outside as well as in my little world online. Not to mention, they make a delightful treat to have on hand for those who gather in your home this holiday season.

Pumpkin Bread Petit Fours Recipe

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that you’re here. Whether this is your very first time or you’ve been stopping by for awhile, I do hope you’ll join me as I venture on in this most exciting world of sharing what I love to eat, decorate, make and inspire with each of you, for a long time to come. Cheers!!

With love and celebration!!!


Decorate Inspire Parties

A Grateful Garland

As Thanksgiving gracefully approaches I find myself settling into a quiet place. A peaceful place that always seems to surface this time of year. My little darlings have fallen into their stride with their new school year routines and I find myself falling into a rhythm as well. We gather inside more often as the days grow darker and a chill takes over the air. We share dinners around the table rather than dinner on-the-run and my soul just takes a sigh as I savor the moments that I have with my girls who are blossoming into lovely young ladies right before my eyes.

I find comfort and quiet in the chores that accompany the change of seasons as I put my flower beds to rest for the winter.

I get lost in raking the leaves and marvel in how my once full yard has become so tidy so quickly.

I’m fascinated by each leaf …

engulfed in their beauty and individual shapes.

My mind wanders to the pile of blessings I’ve collected in my life. Blessings that come in so many shapes and sizes and sometimes go unnoticed until I stop long enough…become quiet enough to really see the pile.

Only then can I take a running start and jump right in.

I stood quietly and thanked the good Lord above for my pile of blessings. I made a quiet vow to remember these blessings and continued with my work. Later that day as my mind continued to swirl, I was astounded by the many blessings in my life that  had gone unnoticed. It was then that I decided to make a “Grateful Garland” as a way to remind myself  and my family of all that we have to be grateful for.

I hung a rope on my fireplace mantel and washed and dried some leaves.

I got some wooden clothes pins,

and a gold marker.

I then began to write the things for which I’m grateful on each leaf…

then clipped them onto the rope.

It was a beautiful reminder of the many blessings in my life. Each leaf seemed to capture and somehow express the very essence of what I was writing on it. Whether it was small or large, perfectly shiny or dull and haggard around the edges…perfectly symmetrical or slightly imperfect in some way, each leaf gently reminded me of the many different blessings that come to us in so many different guises.

Sometimes it’s the tiniest of blessings that can bring about the most.

A Grateful Garland.

I think I’ll be making another one with my family this Thanksgiving.

Wishing you a pile of blessings big enough to take a running jump into.





Eat Inspire Soups & Salads

Spicy Butternut Squash Soup served in a Carnival Pumpkin

Serve some spicy butternut squash soup in a carnival pumpkin for a festive start to a holiday meal! It’s a darling presentation that will impress any guest!

See that darling little carnival pumpkin up there holding a delicious creamy & spicy butternut squash soup?

Just between you and me…it took moments to prepare.

Don’t tell anyone.

Sometimes it’s just necessary to dazzle without all of the hassel. Especially for the holidays.

You may already know this about me, but I’ve got a pumpkin problem -as in, I seem to collect a plethora of pumpkins every fall and every fall My Yanni says, “what on earth are you going to do with all of these pumpkins?”. And I say, “um, decorate our house with them and look at them and love them and call them George.”  He just rolls his eyes and smiles and pats me on the head in that you’re-such-a-cute-little-Wenderly way. Well this year I decided to actually do something with them. I decided to use them as darling little soup tureens. I had originally planned to roast the pumpkins & make soup with them. However, once roasted, they lost their sweet shape and there was so little flesh inside that I decided it would be easier to just embellish a store-bought soup.

Hence the dazzle without the hassel.

This is what I did. I collected a few of my cute little carnival pumpkins,

washed them with soap & water and patted them dry.

Then I cut off the tops,

and scooped out all the seeds. You may want to cut a slice off the bottom if the pumpkin isn’t sitting level. You don’t want the soup to spill.

Next I warmed up my favorite  store-bought squash soup.

Added crème fraîche for some extra decadence and creaminess,

sprinkled in some crushed cayenne, cumin and curry for some added spicy, earthy, warm flavoring.

Not to mention gorgeous color.

Next, I poured the soup into the carnival pumpkin, sprinkled a tiny bit of the cayenne, cumin and curry on top,

and added one more small dollop of creme fraiche for good measure.

Now if that isn’t the sweetest (and easiest) way to serve soup and dazzle your guests then I don’t know what is.

You can even keep the soup warm until your guests are seated.

And then peek-a-boo…

soup is served.




Inspire Musings

The Gathering

With Thanksgiving patiently waiting but a week away, I find myself slipping into a state of consciousness that seems as familiar to me as my favorite pair of pajamas. There’s just something so tranquil and peaceful about Thanksgiving. Mother Nature has mysteriously cast a sleepy spell over her landscape as the sun hangs low and lazy wrapped in a thick gray blanket of sky. I find myself slowing down and turning inward for a rest.

Even as a little girl, I would find refuge in the warmth of my house after spending so many long days dancing in the sun.

It’s as if I have permission somehow to stand still long enough to reflect and appreciate and relish life; to taste the memories that are tucked away in my mind; and to see the new ones that are being made in the moments before me.

Still to this day I remember looking forward to the beautiful Thanksgiving table that my mom would so lovingly set. Each piece of the table had a meaning, a memory or a story to tell. The linens, the dishes, the recipes – they had all been gathered…gathered through the years and passed along to the next table, to the next generation who would come together and reflect and remember all the “who”‘s and “how they came to be”‘s.

So now I find myself gathering.

And reflecting.

And remembering.

As I set the table and make the place cards.

As I carefully fetch and clean my grandmother’s etched glasses.

And place them ever so carefully, next to my dishes.

As I tenderly fold the napkins which so cleverly hide…

the crisp dollar bills that are tucked inside for all to find.

Just as my grandmother did and her mother before her.

And I become aware that I am gathering the cherished memories and the moments as well as the dishes and the place cards.

I realize that I am setting the table for the memories of tomorrow.

I find peace in knowing that we will all be gathering here at the table – the ones who are present as well as the ones who have passed.

Gathering around the Thanksgiving table, set with love by the hands of many.

Wishing you a blessed gathering this Thanksgiving.