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Sweet Lion & Lamb Cupcakes


In like a lion out like a lamb. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Spring in suburbia has indeed come in like a lion and I just pray that it will go out like a lamb.

I’m ready for some sweet sunshine, blue skies and gentle breezes.

Years ago (as in five, but who’s counting?) I saw a picture of some darling lion and lamb cupcakes in a Family Fun magazine. I did my usual…tear out, file and forget about it routine and as the years have slipped by I have never actually made the cupcakes.

Do you ever do that? Well, this year I decided that it was now or never. My girls are, ahem, more mature and a tad less interested in cute little cupcakes. They weren’t so interested in making them with me, however when they laid their eyes on them they couldn’t help but to “awwwwwwww”  and “that is SO cute, can I have one?”

And I did what every chicken little mama would do…

I said, “nope” “if you didn’t want to help then you don’t get to enjoy”.

Just kidding.

Of course I let them dig in and I’m pleased to report that they enjoyed the daylights out of them. Actually I don’t know who enjoyed them more, me or them. It was such a delight to watch my very mature, distinguished teen and pre-teen children happily lick their very mature and distinguished lips in between happy giggles. I even suggested sending them in their lunches and well, you can only imagine the <eye rolling> and verbal responses that I received.

So… I just kept pouring them milk and feeding them cupcakes. I just had to relish in the moment as long as they’d let me. That’s innocent enough isn’t it?

Can you tell that I’m having a hard time watching my babies turn into young ladies? <sniff>

The cupcakes were a cinch… I made the lion as I had remembered it from the magazine and created the lamb myself. I baked some boxed cupcakes, iced half the batch with yellow icing and half with white.

For the lion, I put orange gum drops for the mane, a brown jelly bean cut in half for the eyes, an upside-down cinnamon chip for the nose and some sour tape cut into strips for the whiskers.

For the lamb, I used two blue gum balls for the eyes, a pink jelly bean for the nose and then covered every other inch of the cupcake with mini marshmallows.

I got so carried away I even made a duck for good measure. I figure that I should cover all my bases.

Sometimes life just calls for fun and sweet innocence doesn’t it?

I hope you treat yourself to some today.

Wishing you & yours a Happy Spring full of everything sweet…and innocent.