Snow Day

What is it about a snow day?

The world just seems to stand still.

Frozen if you will…

in a hushed quiet stillness that comes from nothing else.

There’s an element of magic wrapped within each tiny snowflake as they silently follow one another down to the ground.

We all seem take a moment to stop whatever it is that we are doing to take a gaze into the snow filled air and watch as the green grass quietly turns white.

There’s a peaceful stillness that gives us permission to slow down, nestle in, and cuddle up.

Or at the very least sit down,

and let the snow charged wind blow through our hair.

As we ponder the beauty that only winter can provide.

And relish in the satiating contentment that comes with it.

In an instant our minds flash back to our childhood, and we become flooded with all of the adventure and excitement of snowflakes tickling our rosy cheeks and eye lashes.

And we find that we can’t resist but to rub our noses in the freshly fallen snow.

Kinda makes you feel like a kid again.

Everybody needs a snow day every now and then, don’t they?

Have fun!