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Red, White and Blue Frozen Sugared Grapes

The Fourth of July is a day away and I’ve got the perfect sweet treat to cool off even the hottest of days! Red, white and blue frozen sugared grapes! They are simple, scrumptious and sure to please a crowd! My love affair with frozen sugared grapes begin when I was just but a wee [...]
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Popchip-alicious Encrusted BBQ Chicken (& Giveaway)

POP-alicious… POP-tacular… POP-abulous… These are just a few of the words that popped into my head as I was scarfing my way through bags of popchips as I sat on a plane in San Francisco preparing to fly cross country back to my safe haven of suburbia. I had just attended BlogHer Food 2010 and [...]
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Chocolate Dunked Sweet & Salty Apples

I’ve never really been one to do anything by the book. I kinda march along through life to the beat of my very own drummer and that suits me just fine. Makes life more interesting ya know? I wear my watch on my right wrist and I’m right handed. I (kinda) type with my left [...]
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