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Easy Pot Roast Recipe

When it comes to comfort food this easy pot roast recipe is at the top of my list! A savory, hearty, one pot meal that makes suppertime scrumptious.

Easy Pot Roast Recipe

My mom has made this delicious and easy pot roast recipe for as long as I can remember. I have such warm childhood memories of walking in the door after school on a frigid winter day,
welcomed by the intoxicating aroma of pot roast cooking in the oven. I couldn’t wait until suppertime when I would finally get to dig into that delectable meat and tender vegetables. Homework and chores never seemed to get done as fast as they did on those days.


Now that I’ve got a family of my own, I’ve carried on the pot roast tradition at my house. I find as much comfort in knowing that dinner is prepared and cooking away as I do in knowing that my girls will walk into a warm and cozy home filled with the glorious smell of supper.

Easy Pot Roast Recipe

Nothing is more comforting than knowing that a warm hearty supper has been made and is waiting just for you to enjoy.

Easy Pot Roast Recipe

Except maybe a warm hug from your mama. And in my opinion, that’s just what a big bowl of delectable pot roast tastes like.

Warm wishes and hugs,


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