Today, in honor of it being the first day of Autumn, my beloved Dogwood tree has given me the perfect gift.

A brilliant red leaf.

I am in awe.

The mysterious transformation of the seasons delights me so. In my opinion Autumn is like no other. The spectacular display of color that’s been hidden beneath the cool green of the leaves all summer long, delights me every year. I love the fact that there is a grand celebration before the bare starkness of winter sets in.

I tuck these images into the corners of my mind so that I have a place to go when I can stand the gray no more.


When summer’s seams
Have come undone,
Then greens to reds
And purples run.
A palette falls
To the forest floor,
And autumn leaves
me in awe.

~Douglas Florian

May the leaves of Autumn linger with you all winter long,