Meet Prince Oliver

Meet Oliver.

Prince Oliver.

Oliver-schmanoliver as I like to call him in an all to shrill-soprano-like-voice. And the name (as well as the voice) just thrills him to pieces.

As you can plainly see.

Oliver is a very busy, very important cat with many things to do.

In between his hectic schedule of lounging, eating, relaxing, stretching, bathing in the warm sun and ignoring anyone who attempts to show him too much affection he likes to pass the time by hanging out and enjoying the view on his favorite chair.

Up there he isn’t bothered with all the annoying humans that love him, feed him, give him water, shelter and a happy home.

Not to mention… he doesn’t have to lower himself to interact with that pesky four legged furry fellow who’s always trying to play.

Nor does he bother himself with any other stressful, mundane daily tasks that waste time and/or energy or make life difficult or unpleasant.


He just hangs out.

All cool cat.



Watching the world go round.

Until something interesting enough happens to capture his attention.

Something interesting enough to mesmerize him into a trance-like state.

If only for a moment.

And then just as quickly as his attention was captured.

He looses interest once again.

And gets back to the important things in life.

Like enjoying the view.

Think I’ll follow his lead. I do believe that he may be on to something.

Hope you’re enjoying the lazy days of summer,


What’s YOUR favorite way to chill during the summertime?


Inspire Musings

Story of a Dust Bunny in Suburbia

Yes…this IS what you think it is.

And I must like you an awful lot to be showing you this very personal, very disturbing photo of what crawled out from under my couch the other day…

A dust bunny the size of a small rodent.

I kid you not.

It just appeared the other day out of nowhere.

Well maybe it didn’t just appear, I’m quite certain that it’s been growing and collecting for some time now…

This is the story…

It was a usual day, I was running around like a crazy person trying to do 342 things at once, AND make, bake and take photos of my triple chocolate torte (stay tuned to this station for more details) when I realized that I was sweating. And by the way, I don’t perspire, oh no, I sweat.

But that’s another story entirely.

So, anyway, seeing that it was a very breezy day and I was hotter than a rattlesnake in the desert I decided to open a window! How lovely I thought, some fresh air would be nice! Little did I know that my innocent act of opening a window would actually unearth a dust bunny the size of a small rodent from underneath my couch!

Yes, the wind blew THAT out from under my couch.

You see, I’m a neatnik. I pride myself on running a tidy, neat, very clean and organized house. And how this…this dust bunny rodent came to be I’ll never know.


Well…perhaps now that I think of it, I may just know how it got there …

Meet Oakley.

Our darling unassuming sweet little dog who happens to grow LOTS of hair.

Lots and lots and lots of very soft, very beautiful, very fine, white hair.

That billows around my house like tumbleweed in the desert…

And evidently gets stuck underneath my couch.

Guess next time when I’m running around like a crazy person getting all hot and cranky as a rattlesnake, I’ll spare myself the luxury of some fresh air.

Or, I’llĀ  just turn on the air conditioner.

Or better yet, perhaps I’ll just vacuum under the couch more than once in a blue moon when we move it.

(Or not.)

And that’s my story full of dust bunnies as big as rodents and I’m stickin’ to it.

Hope that you’ll still see me in a good light…

not a dusty one.

I need to go vacuum now.