Nesting – Decorating for Spring

I love nesting for spring with fabulous finds I have to fluff my home.

This Spring I’ve been busy nesting. And by nesting I don’t mean getting ready to give birth to a bouncing baby.

Oh heavens no. 

I mean that I’ve been doing what I do when life gets tough and I need a distraction from stress and certain realities that occur in my life when I’m not quite ready to embrace them. Realities like my first born baby will be finishing her middle school career in a mere five weeks and my second born baby will be finishing her elementary school career on the very same day.

It reminds me of how very soon my little baby birdies will be leaving the nest. Snifffffffffff. Sob.

I so love the merry month of May. However, it usually entails a mad rush of social and school activities that requires a color coded calendar to help navigate the chaotic schedules of four people. So it makes perfect sense that in between meetings, emails, choir concerts, lacrosse games, soccer games, dance classes, shopping for 8th grade class D.C trip, deciding on decorations for the 5th grade party and reminding myself to breathe in and out, I clean and set up little displays, vignettes if you will, around my house for all to enjoy.

Don’t you do that when you don’t have the time to do anything else?

You don’t?

Well maybe you should. I find that I get lost in the creativity and the stress just seems to melt away. Until my phone rings and I find myself talking and vignetting and looking for the very phone I am talking on, so that I can snap a photo of the vignette that I am making. 

Cough, cough.

This is my life.

Anyhoo, back to the nests. I love to decorate with nests. They are so simple and so endearing. These are some of the sweet ideas that swirled into my cluttered head as I as nested and de-stressed the other day.

A tiny egg holder is the perfect place to rest a tiny nest filled with tiny speckled eggs.

Milk glass urns make a gorgeous specimen in which the nestle a larger nest filled with aqua speckled eggs. I have two of these urns flagging my kitchen sink.

Nesting |

I love gazing at them while I wash my hands throughout the day or while I’m preparing a meal. So soothing and relaxing.

My family room mantel is lined with black metal urns with nests filled with pale blue speckled eggs in between.

But my very favorite has to be a nest daintily placed in my antique silver compote.

I love the way the nest filled with my favorite colored eggs is set off by the multicolored tarnished silver.

So simple and elegant. A sweet sophistication. I have this displayed in my family room on my beloved magazine tray. It may become a permanent inhabiter of this most cherished spot.

I love my magazines. My little magazine tray represents a slice of self indulgence that usually involves putting my feet up with a piping hot cup of coffee or a relaxing glass of wine.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just gazing at it this very minute makes me instantly relax.

So relaxed in fact that I almost forgot that in a mere five weeks my little birdies will be moving on to middle and high school.


At least I’ll still have my sweet Oakley by my side.

Happy nesting and de-stressing.